Malaprop’s Pops In Burnsville!

Malaprop’s is coming to Burnsville for the holidays!  Asheville’s venerable independent bookstore opens a holiday annex at 18 Town Square in a portion of the Yancey Technology Center Saturday, Nov. 21. The store will house some 200 titles including regionals, best sellers, cookbooks and children’s books, said local author Ronni Lundy, who will be managing the Burnsville location. Customers may also order books from the Asheville store to be delivered to the Burnsville location for pick up on a weekly basis. Lundy said that in December a limited number of the Sunday New York Times will be available each week, as well.

Hours for the bookstore and the Tech Center will be 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Mon., Tues., Thurs., Fri., Sat., and from noon-4 p.m. Sunday. The store and center will be closed on Wednesdays. The pop-up will remain in operation through the first weeks of January

Jamie McMahan, Yancey County Planning &Economic Development Director, noted that the Technology Center will be available during the new hours and added, “Hopefully this will allow more freedom of use of the space for those who would like to access it on the weekend.  Malaprop’s is a well-established Asheville retailer so the opportunity to have them open a Christmas pop-up here in Burnsville is something that will benefit our Main Street retail area.”

Lundy said the idea for the annex came up in conversation with Malaprop’s new majority owner, Gretchen Horn, during the 2019 Carolina Mountain Literary Festival. Malaprop’s sells books at the festival every year. “Gretchen was talking about the great response the festival gets each year and I said that many of us had wished aloud that Malaprop’s could sell books here year round and things just took off from there,” Lundy said.

Currently the Asheville bookstore operates a pop-up in Hendersonville’s downtown in conjunction with the Center for Art and Inspiration there. “It’s pretty prohibitive to set up a new independent bookstore from scratch these days,” Lundy said, “But if the holiday store has impressive sales, we just might be able to find a partnership with an existing business so Malaprop’s could have a presence here year round.”