Mitchell County Offers Land to Mitchell Schools

Monday evening, November 25th at the joint meeting of the Mitchell County Commissioners and the Mitchell County Board of Education the Mitchell Commissioners offered their recently purchased property in Ledger as a potential site for the new middle school.  Mitchell County purchased the Wilson/Greene property which is located on Hwy 226 across from Mitchell County Schools Central office, for $450,000 in September.  The Mitchell Board of Education thanked the commissioners and will do architectural and civil engineering studies before deciding if it is feasible. The proposed site for the new middle school currently is beside Mitchell High School on Ledger School Road. The possible new site, across Hwy 226, would allow for better traffic flow for the schools. When complete the new middle school will house grades 5 through 8. Greenlee and Gouge will have Kindergarten through 4th grade. The current schools, Deyton, Harris and Bowman will be closed.