Yancey County Animal Ordinance

The Yancey County Board of Commissioners held their regular monthly meeting last night in the courtroom of the Yancey County Courthouse.  Once again this month the proposed animal ordinance was on the agenda.

Jeannette Murray spoke in favor of the ordinance and read portions of the North Carolina laws on animal control.  Murray said that NC laws are vague and look to counties to create specific laws on Animal Control.

Cheri Lee spoke about the importance of some form of animal ordinance and said no laws were useful without a trained animal control officer to help enforce them.

Near the end of the meeting, during the County Commissioners’ Report Time, Commission Chair Jeff Whitson clarified the proper procedure, that he had just learned of, for moving forward with a proposed animal ordinance.  Whitson said before a vote or public hearing could be held on any new ordinance the ordinance must be presented by a board member to the board for consideration. Whitson also said the proposed animal ordinance would not be on any future agendas until a commissioner presents it to the board.