Sergeant Michael “BO” Davis Recognized as Employee of the Year at the Yancey County Sheriff Office

Sergeant Bo Davis has been honored as the 2019 Yancey County Sheriff Office Employee of the Year. Sergeant Davis was recognized and received his plaque at the annual Sheriff’s Office Christmas Dinner. He is currently assigned to Baker Squad where he serves with Lieutenant Ryan Higgins and supervises four Patrol Deputies. In addition he manages all the administrative and logistical supports required by Baker Squad.

Sergeant Davis has served 14 years with the Yancey County Sheriff Office and began his career in September 2005 as a Detention Officer.  He served in the Detention Center four and a half years until his appointment as Sheriff’s Deputy in February 2010.  Sergeant Davis attended Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) at Mayland Community College and graduated in May 2010.  Bo excelled in BELT and was awarded the best in his class, the Top Cadet Award.

While performing his duties as Patrol Deputy, Sergeant Davis went on that same year to attend Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Operator School and continues to serve in his ninth year on the Yancey County Sheriff Office Special Response Team (SRT).

In August 2012 Sergeant Davis was appointed with the additional responsibilities of being a Field Training Officer (FTO).  He is responsible for taking newly graduated BLET Deputies and training them to put the education and skills they attained in the classroom into practice in the real world on Patrol.  The new Deputies will train with Corporal Davis until he is confident they are ready to Patrol on their own.  In his seven years as a FTO, Sergeant Davis has trained many young Deputies, preparing them for their Patrol duties.

Most recently Sergeant Davis attended the Man Tracking and Day and Night Maps reading and orienteering training. In the past he has attended training in Death and Criminal Investigations, Active Shooter Situations, Human Tracking, and Wilderness Survival.  He is qualified in Crisis Intervention, where he garnered the skills to appropriately respond to individuals experiencing mental health crises.  Additionally, in November 2016 Sergeant Davis attended the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force conference on combating the ongoing drug epidemic.