RHA Behavioral Health Offers Tele-Health Services

RHA is considered crisis walk-in center for anyone experiencing a mental health or substance use emergency in McDowell County.  In normal conditions, our office is open to walk-in crisis traffic from 8-5, Monday-Friday.  Community crisis intervention is always available 24/7/365 thru our Mobile Crisis Management team, by calling 1-888-573-1006.  Individuals will be screened by phone to determine whether onsite responder is appropriate.  Our goal is to continue to be available to support individual needs by utilizing  telephonic and video services.  RHA  will respond to those who have no access to these resources on an individual, as needed basis.   We ask that individuals initiate contact by calling us at the numbers listed below.  This information is intended for individuals currently being served as well as those who may be experiencing their first mental health or substance abuse need.

Marianne Taylor

Regional Business Manager

Alexander, Caldwell, McDowell & Mitchell Counties