More Restrictions in Mitchell County State of Emergency

The NC stay at home order states that local counties may have stricter restrictions that override the NC law and Mitchell County has made some changes.

Mitchell County Commissioners have enacted additional restrictions in an update to the State of Emergency. Beginning at 6 pm on Sunday April 6th all lodging facilities are required to close. That includes RV parks, vacation cabins and Air-BnBs too.

All residents and non-residents of Mitchell County arriving in Mitchell County for overnight stays after being absent from the County for more than 48 hours preceding the arrival are recommended to self-quarantine for a period of 14 days. Anyone with symptoms of the COVID-19 infection must report to the Health Department.

The mass gathering number has been reduced to 5 or less people in a single room or space. It does not include family gatherings by persons closely related in the private dwelling of one of the family members present. Funerals and Church Services are not regulated in this proclamation; they will continue to fall under NC rules.

Beginning Sunday night there will be a stay at home curfew in Mitchell County between the hours of 10pm and 5:30am. There is an exception for those working essential business and those people are required to travel only between home and work.