Cruz Life Center Open

Cruz Life Center is open and considered as an essential service. Taking new appointments, call 828-682-6157
Currently open Monday – Thursday
Our mission is to help as many people as possible to get healthy and stay healthy with natural health care solutions. We do offer many natural vitamins and herbs to help boost your immune system during these times. These are the supplements we take for our own health and protection. Our highest priority is supporting you and your family’s health.
Immune enhancing services offered:
Laser therapy- our use of laser therapy is what sets us apart from other chiropractic offices. The laser has the following physiologic effects.
·        Potent anti-inflammatory effect which will reduce pain
·        Elevation of the immune response
·        Improved metabolism of individual cells (improved healing)
·        Increased production of endorphins (feel good brain chemicals)
·        Regeneration of new cells
·        Restoring normal structure and function of existing cells
·        Many other highly beneficial effects on the body
Chiropractic: It has long been known and clinically proven that chiropractic adjustments stimulate your bodies release of endorphins which not only feels good but stimulates the immune response. Most of our long time patients have seen this for themselves and will get extra adjustments when needed.
Alpha Stim: Reduces cortisol and helps your body deal with stress. Stress is the #1 cause of disease. Benefits are relaxation, improved sleep, lowering your cortisol level naturally. This treatment can be done alone or as an add on. Units can also be rented weekly for home use. Ask for more details.
Immune Specific treatment: Just for this time and season Lesia has created an immune boosting treatment which includes 6, 10-minute red lights using the laser with a focus on improving endorphins, those happy feel good neurotransmitters, and 30-60 minute alpha stim. With your choice of essential oil. Ask about which essential oil is right for you.
Laboratory testing- We order routine labs through LabCorp in Asheville and also offer many specialty labs Such as micronutrient testing, allergy and food testing, hormone, pre-diabetes, and many more.
Functional Medicine- Our approach to functional medicine is using labs and a thorough physical exam to determine the state of your health, then recommend an approach to recovery without the use of drugs or surgery.
Additional services we are offering during these times:
Lesia offers phone consultations in the convenience of your own home on health coaching and options to keep you & your family healthy during this time. Ask for details.
Dr. Cruz is also available to answer questions and give whatever advice necessary.
Private appointments are available to be seen outside of normal business hours.
Our emphasis during this pandemic is on your health instead of the virus. Of all the news and supposed facts being passed around, one thing is certain, some people are dying from the virus while others did not even know they had it. Why is that?
The reason has to do with the health of the host (our body). If we are healthy, the virus does not have a good environment to live and the immune system quickly takes care of the problem. If we are unhealthy, the virus thrives, and the results are usually not good.
Our emphasis has always been on the overall health of our patients. Our goal is to provide the absolute best in natural health care solutions for your life