Court Update From 24th District Judicial Officials

As we continue to expand court operations, we are working to ensure that the needs of the public are met while we strive to keep the public safe. If you do not have an attorney, please call before coming into the courthouse on your assigned court date. If you have an attorney, please contact your attorney before coming to court.  Below are the phone numbers for the Clerk’s Office and DA’s Office in each county.

District Attorney Clerk
Avery (828) 737-6710 (828) 737-6700
Madison (828) 649-2240 (828) 649-2200
Mitchell (828) 688-5110 (828) 688-5100
Watauga (828) 268-6610 (828) 268-6600
Yancey (828) 678-5720 (828) 678-5700


For your traffic ticket or infraction, please visit and click on Citation Services. Many citations can be reduced and paid online.

To stay up-to-date on your court matters, please sign up for text and email reminders at and click on Court Date Notifications.