Toe River Health District Report – 06/26/2020

6-26-2020 Toe River Health District Numbers


NC now requires wearing a cloth covering over your nose and mouth to #SlowtheSpread of #COVID19.

To learn more, visit…/individuals-famil…/cloth-face-coverings.


Avery- 1,217 People Tested

990 Negative Results

216 Pending Results

11 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 11 total positives, we have 6 active cases, and 5 that have recovered)


Mitchell- 939 People Tested

803 Negative Results

105 Pending Results

31 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 31 total positives, we have 11 active cases and 20 that have recovered)


Yancey- 1,246 People Tested

1,132 Negative Results

72 Pending Results

42 Total Positive Cases

(Of those 42 total positives, we have 7 active cases and 35 that have recovered)


To ensure that your questions get a timely response, please call your local health department.

Avery Co. Health Department (828)-733-6031

Mitchell Co. Health Department (828)-688-2371

Yancey Co. Health Department (828)-682-6118