MCAR Can’t Have Usual Clinics; Offers Low Cost Rabies Shots

Another casualty of the COVID crisis has been the cancellations of the rabies clinics that  Mitchell County Animal Rescue provides several times per year in different parts of the county for people to bring their pets to ensure compliance with North Carolina’s required rabies vaccination. The statute requires that any owner of a dog, cat or ferret have their animal vaccinated by four  months of age and keep the animal currently vaccinated against rabies. Due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19 they had to cancel these regularly scheduled Rabies Clinics. The Mitchell County Animal Rescue has announced that they now have low-cost Rabies Vaccinations at the shelter. They offer 1-year Rabies Vaccines for $10 each.  No other vaccines, deworming, or microchipping will be offered due to legal restrictions. No walk-ins, you will need to call 828-765-6952 for an appointment.