Public Hearing on Property Acquisition

The Yancey County Board of Commissioners will hold a public meeting on Monday, October 19th on a proposal to use county funds for an economic development project to help Little Leaf Farms locate its new commercial lettuce facility in Yancey County. Little Leaf Farms was originally scheduled to acquire the old OMC property when the pandemic slowed the process, allowing for time to look for an alternative site when a geotechnical evaluation of that property presented difficulties. A 97 acre parcel of land adjacent to the HSM (Hickory Springs) plant was located. The county will purchase the property for $750,000 with installment financing. The County plans on servicing that debt with additional property tax revenue generated by Little Leaf Farms per an incentive agreement.  The County Commissioners believe this will stimulate the local economy, increase the county tax base and revenues and result in the creation of new permanent jobs in the county. The public hearing is at 6 pm at the courthouse for anyone who would like to present their views on this matter.