Rep. Mark Pless Committee Assignments Announced

Earlier today, Speaker Tim Moore released the North Carolina House of Representatives standing committee assignments for the 2021-22 legislative biennium. Rep. Mark Pless (R-Haywood) was selected to serve on the following committees:

Federal Relations and Indian Affairs Committee- Vice Chair

Appropriations Committee

Appropriations, Health and Human Services Committee

Transportation Committee

Homeland Security Committee

Wildlife Resources Committee

“It is an honor to serve this chamber as a member of these committees” said Rep. Pless. “I pledge to work toward the betterment of the people of Western North Carolina, as well as all the communities of our great state.  I will ensure my office is there for those who need assistance with all matters on the State level wither that be legislative; or helping to navigate state government programs such as, unemployment benefits, infrastructure concerns, matters of public safety, ect. Know that my office is here to serve the people of North Carolina.”

“Committees in the North Carolina House are well-prepared to get to work addressing the priorities of North Carolinians after a successful decade implementing budget and policy reforms for our state,” Speaker Moore said Monday. “Through these committees, the state House will maintain our record of results that benefit families, help businesses grow, and improve state government services for our citizens.”

Background: On Monday, Speaker Moore’s office announced committee membership for each standing committee in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Under House Rules, the Speaker selects legislators to serve on each committee with consideration to their background and subject matter experience. The appointments reflect a new structure for some standing committees in the state House of Representatives, including a return to multiple judiciary committees. Standing Committees will meet at the discretion of the committee chairs to discuss legislation that is germane to their specific policy areas. As a committee member, Rep. Pless will be able to debate bills heard before the committee, propose changes to bill text, and vote on whether legislation should advance out of the committee.