COVID Update 11/22/21

The latest COVID-19 numbers for the Tri-County area, released by the Toe River Health District, showed a big increase in new positive cases detected in Yancey county and a slight decrease in Avery and Mitchell Counties.  In Avery County 25% of the new positive cases included fully vaccinated people. In Mitchell County 17% of the new positive case were fully vaccinated and in Yancey County in was 11%.

During the period from November 15th to November 22nd Yancey County had 82 new positive cases detected, compared to 42 the previous week.  Mitchell County reported 23 new positive cases last week and 25 the week before.  Avery County saw 20 new positive cases compared to 27 the week before.

The number of COVID deaths in the Tri County area since August 1st remains the same as last week at 40. 21 of those deaths are from Avery County, 12 in Yancey and 7 from Mitchell County.

If you would like to be tested for COVID, drive up testing sites are available and no appointment is required at any of the testing sites and there is no charge for the test.

For information about vaccinations call 675-6266. See County Details in Links below.

(Yancey County)

(Mitchell County)

(Avery County)