Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Grants

The North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources announced that the N.C. Parks and Recreation Trust Fund Authority has approved $28.6 million in capital improvement projects and land acquisitions for state parks and an additional $13.6 million in grants to fund 41 local parks and recreation projects across the state. This includes in our area a project in Avery County and one in Mitchell County.

The second round of local grants this fiscal year was made possible in November with the recently enacted state budget’s allocation of an additional $101 million to support state and local parks projects.

Local communities applied for the grants to fund land acquisition and development and renovation of Public Park and recreation areas. The maximum grant awarded for a single project under the program was $500,000. Awardees must match funds at least dollar-for-dollar for the awarded amount.

The Recreation Trust Fund Authority also approved $5.5 million for land acquisitions at Baker’s Lake State Natural Area and Elk Knob, Eno River, Hanging Rock, Mount Mitchell, Morrow Mountain, Stone Mountain, and William B. Umstead State Parks.

In Avery County $26,136 was awarded for Jumping Pillow and Basketball Renovation at Lucille Winters Park. In Mitchell County $100,000 has been slotted for Brad Ragan Park.