Compassionate Care WNC “Adopts” Lemon-Aide Project

Tuesday afternoon, October 18, was a special day at Compassionate Care WNC as Chief Operating Officer Vern Grindstaff,  announced their new partnership with the Lemon-Aide ministry. Sharon Herndon was on hand to tell the story of how she developed Lemon-Aide and Pink Lemon-Aide. (see story here) Compassionate Care will give every hospice patient either Lemon-Aide, Pink-Lemon-Aide or one of the stuffed hearts.  They are designed to share the patient’s journey. The ministry which, began in Virginia by North Carolina native, Sharon Herndon and her friend, is now in 33 states across the US and in 39 countries around the world.  Compassionate Care WNC is the exclusive sponsor  for North Carolina. The program originally began with cancer patients but now extends to other illnesses. Lemon-Aide and Pink-Lemon-Aide are given with love and compassion. The ministry is non-profit and all volunteer with no salaried positions. Sharon, who lives part-time in Micaville, said she is so happy to partner with Compassionate Care since Lemon-Aide and Pink Lemon-Aide came from love and she loves the people in this area. Sharon and her husband, Bob Herndon have also decided to donate all funds from Compassionate Care for the Lemon-Aide ministry back to Compassionate Care. Currently Sharon is hoping to find more people who can help with crocheting Pink-Lemon-Aide as the demand continues to grow. Sharon can be reached through Lemon-Aide’s Facebook page or website.