News From Congressman Chuck Edwards

The 118th Congress is now well underway. We have a Speaker, we’ve begun work on our Commitment to America, and we’ve adopted rules under which we’ll operate this session that will decentralize the DC power base and offer a stronger voice for American citizens.

The following are just a few highlights of our work these first two weeks to help make life better for the people of Western North Carolina.

Making constituent services a top priority

My top priorities are serving constituents and focusing on legislation and projects that will make a meaningful and positive difference for folks in our mountains.

One way my office can serve you is by helping you navigate the bureaucracy that is often involved when dealing with federal agencies, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the IRS and the Social Security Administration, as well as with passport and immigration issues.

If you or anyone you know in our district has unfinished casework from the previous congressional office or would like to submit a new request, please call my office at (828) 435-7310 so my staff and I can help you.

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Defunding the IRS army

While hard-working Americans have been burdened with higher prices at the pump and in the grocery store, insult was added to injury when the 117th Congress funded an additional 87,000 IRS agents to go after American taxpayers.

My first legislative vote last week as your new representative was to defund that expansion of the IRS, which, with those additional agents, would have more staff than those who work at the Pentagon, the State Department, the Border Patrol and the FBI combined. Let that sink in for a minute.

Rather than focusing on staffing up and supporting Border Patrol agents, who are overwhelmed with trying to defend our nation from the influx of illegal immigrants, or helping our military, which is struggling to meet recruiting goals, the last Congress would rather hire more IRS agents to target Americans.

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Too little, too late

After two years of Republican urging, President Biden finally decided to make his first visit – really a photo-op – to our southern border. Even members of Biden’s own party are finally seeing what a national security and humanitarian disaster our unsecured border has become.

Make no mistake: The Biden administration’s reckless, open-border policy of allowing anyone or anything to cross – including a river of fentanyl that is ripping apart American lives – is not compassionate. Biden’s negligence invites the lawlessness, crime and chaos that are destroying American communities and threatening our national security. Remember: Border security IS national security.

Here’s a shocking statistic: The leading cause of death of Americans from 18 to 45 years old is unintentional overdose from synthetic opioids. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fentanyl overdoses make up 90 percent of those. And most of that drug is coming over our border with Mexico. China is also involved, as it is by far the largest source of chemicals used to make fentanyl.

With House Republicans now in the majority, you have my word that I will work tirelessly with my colleagues to secure our border, including providing our overworked, overwhelmed Border Patrol agents with the support and resources they need.

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Standing up for pregnancy centers

Last week, I supported a resolution condemning the recent attacks on pro-life facilities, groups and churches. Pro-choice advocates have turned a blind eye to the attacks on these groups that save lives and support mothers and families.

Standing up for life

For the third time as a public servant, I helped pass legislation to protect the lives of children who survive a failed abortion attempt. The first two pieces of legislation – the Born Alive Protection Acts – passed while I was serving in the N.C. Senate and were vetoed by Governor Roy Cooper.

Last week, I supported the same action on the U.S. House floor. Somehow, more than 200 Democrats thought it was OK to vote against a bill requiring medical care for an infant who survives an abortion and protects the woman who had the abortion from prosecution.

I always ask this of those who oppose born-alive legislation: If a child’s life is not worth saving at the time of birth, when is it worth saving? When it is critically injured at a very young age? When it has a serious childhood illness? When it’s older, falling on the field of battle? These questions always catch born-alive opponents off guard and they never seem to have an answer.

TWEETHow is that even controversial?

Transparency and accountability is coming

As a part of making better policy decisions and providing checks and balances within the three branches of government, Congress’ responsibilities include investigations and oversight that are carried out through committee hearings.

To that end, I voted to create the Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party. This will give Congress the authority to investigate and make policy recommendations regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s increasing economic and technological competitiveness, and examine China’s threats to our national security.

I also voted to create the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government to investigate and examine federal overreach into Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.

These committees are an important step toward strengthening America’s economic and national security, and toward protecting the American people from bureaucratic overreach. Americans deserve more transparency and accountability from their government.

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Energy security is national security

Last week, I also voted for the Protecting America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve from China Act to make sure no more of our national Strategic Petroleum Reserve ends up in China.

China reportedly now has the largest stockpile of crude oil in the world. Meanwhile, the current administration has sold off more than 40 percent of our emergency Strategic Petroleum Reserve, which is now at its lowest level since 1983.

As China continues to be an ever-larger economic and technological competitor, America must protect and restore the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. The past couple of years of high energy prices should be a reminder that energy security IS national security.

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Spring internship applications now open!

My offices in Washington, D.C., and Hendersonville, N.C., are now hiring interns!

Interns will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience working in a congressional office, as well as seeing firsthand how Congress works.

Responsibilities in the Washington office include answering phones, conducting research, drafting written materials, attending hearings and briefings, giving tours of the Capitol, and participating in other projects and educational opportunities.

Responsibilities in the Hendersonville office include answering phones, conducting research, assisting with casework, participating in community outreach, drafting correspondence, and other projects and educational opportunities.

Interested applicants can send an email and resume to Lauren Radford at