Bakersville Man Arrested

A Bakersville man throwing eggs at cars on Monday now faces several charges.

Christopher Michael Gouge was arrested by officers from Mitchell County Sheriff’s Department and faces charges of misdemeanor breaking and entering, injury to personal property, resisting arrest, going armed to the terror of the people and felony breaking and entering with the purpose to terrorize or injure.

Deputies responded on Monday to a call at the Bakersville Community Health Clinic of a male suspect throwing eggs at nearby cars. Minutes later, another call came in from the clinic saying that the male subject, later identified as Gouge, was attempting to forcibly enter the upstairs area of the clinic.

In a surveillance video from the clinic, Gouge can be seen throwing eggs at cars in the clinic parking lot and trying to break open the locked door on the second floor.

Deputies recovered a handgun from Gouge and four eyewitness accounts confirmed he had unholstered the gun at times during the incident.

Gouge is being