MEAD Making Workshop

The winner of the American Homebrewers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Chris Frey, will be at the Center for Pioneer Life to teach others how to make the honey mead he loves. The workshop occurs from 1 to 5 pm on Saturday, September 30, at the Center for Pioneer Life, 134 Joe Young Road, Burnsville. The class costs $50, plus $20 in materials fee. To register, go to the Center for Pioneer Life events page, The Center can be reached at 828 536 0337.
“I have been homebrewing for 25 years and have brewed 500 different batches,” he said. Mead has the delicate taste of light wine with a hint of honey. Chris asks that participants bring a quart of honey to start a batch in class, and the type of honey will influence the flavor of this drink. Mead is said to be good for health and for personality. Everyone will go home with all the supplies needed to keep brewing.