Yancey County Schools Implements Autism Training

Thanks to a generous grant from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Yancey County Schools recently implemented a training program for Autism intervention.  The program is for Exceptional Children staff, Pre-K teachers and Pre-K teacher assistants.  The training, conducted by Asheville TEACCHTM, is designed to help  staff improve their student’s educational and developmental outcomes.

Early intervention has been identified as critical to assisting an autistic student’s academic progress.  The TEACCHTM Program, developed at UNC-Chapel Hill, is widely recognized as the best intervention available for exceptional children.  By implementing this program at the Pre-K level, Yancey County Schools anticipates a significant improvement in educational and development outcomes throughout a student’s career.

The Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 1978 to build a permanent pool of charitable capital for the 18 counties of Western North Carolina including the Qualla Boundary.  They work with individuals, families and corporations to create and manage charitable funds and make grants to nonprofits or public agencies in our region.  Early Childhood Education is one of their focus areas.  Yancey County Schools is grateful that the Community Foundation recognizes the need for additional training in autism intervention techniques and is supporting our efforts in this regard.