Foxx Report – 3/29/24


There’s reality, and then there’s what President Biden claims to be reality. Case in point, the president’s economic agenda, and the alleged “wins” that he so routinely touts, are nothing more than a carefully choreographed exercise in using smoke and mirrors to deceive Americans. When we pull the veil back and apply some much-needed sunlight, we can see that things are not as rosy. Let’s compare the president’s words with what’s really happening.

Claim: “We’re bringing down prices across the board.”

Fact: Since President Biden took office, overall prices for basic commodities that American families rely on have jumped almost 18%.

Claim: “Wages are up after being adjusted for inflation.”

Fact: Since January of 2021, weekly earnings of Americans have retracted by 4.4%.

Claim: “We’re growing an economy from the middle out and bottom up, instead of the top down…”

Fact: Household debt due to inflation as well as ballooning mortgage rates across the United States, according to the New York Federal Reserve, has reached a staggering $17.5 trillion.

Claim: “We’re literally reducing the cost of people being able to meet their basic needs.”

Fact: Since President Biden took office, electricity is up 28.6%, gasoline is up 38.8%, and food prices are up 20.9%.

Again, there’s reality, and then there’s what President Biden claims to be reality. The examples I’ve shared with you above are not exhaustive by any measure, and there’s certainly more that could be pointed to, but they all compound to form an important point: take everything President Biden says, right down to the last syllable, with a grain of salt. The American people are smart, and they understand that “Bidenomics” is nothing more than a ruse – we must always remember to search for, and turn to, the facts.

The Congressional Art Competition

My office is currently accepting submissions for the Congressional Art Competition! We are very excited about this year’s competition and look forward to receiving many outstanding works from across North Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. Each spring the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide visual art competition for amateur high school-aged artists. The Congressional Art Competition promotes attention to the arts by recognizing talented young artists from across the nation.

In order to be eligible, all entries must be submitted digitally to no later than 3pm, April 29th.

To learn more about the Congressional Art Competition, and to access the paperwork necessary to participate, click here.

Supporting Students and Workers

The Committee on Education and the Workforce has been hard at work in supporting students and workers across the nation. Last week, the committee passed three bills that emphasize education freedom and work to restore institutions’ core academic functions. To add, we also passed a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to stand up for the rights of independent contractors whose livelihoods will be decimated by President Biden’s new rule to reclassify them. Together these four bills will get government and political agendas out of the way and allow America’s students and workers the room to grow.

To learn more, click here.

Quote of The Week

“Truth, they say, is but too often in difficulties, but is never finally suppressed.”

-Titus Livy


Have a blessed weekend