Foxx Report – 5/17/24


The misadministration and operational rot at the southern border go much deeper than you may think. In a bombshell report published on May 12th, it was revealed that top executives at non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that operate at the southern border are receiving billions in taxpayer dollars with minimal oversight. During his nightly television program on Tuesday, Fox News host Jesse Watters called attention to this issue – it’s well worth your time to watch. You may be interested to know that I recently introduced legislation to rip away federal funding to NGOs if they are caught violating statutes on unlawfully assisting border crossings and harboring illegal aliens.

There have been multiple documented instances of NGOs abusing trust as well as taxpayer dollars. Below are a few examples to illustrate how big of a problem this really is – and why we should be playing very close attention:

DHS OIG finds millions in American Rescue Plan funds misused by NGOs

Government using charities to hide just how much money is going to illegal immigration

DHS lost track of 177,000 illegal immigrants from border surge, inspector general says

My bill, H.R. 8334, the Grant Integrity and Border Security Act, would require all NGOs that apply for a federal grant to certify, as part of their application, that they have not, will not, and are not engaging in acts related to the smuggling and transportation of illegal aliens into the United States – and that they are not engaging in a conspiracy to take any of these actions. I am also pleased to report that my bill also passed out of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee and its next stop is the House floor. Border security, as we know all too well, is one of the greatest issues of our time. You can always count on me to fight for border security, and to protect the tax dollars of hardworking Americans from abuse.

Honoring Reverend Graham

On Thursday, I was immensely proud to speak at, the statue unveiling for Reverend Billy Graham in the U.S. Capitol. For many, many years, I have advocated for Reverend Graham’s statue to have a place within the hallowed halls of Congress, and to know that millions of people who visit the Capitol every year will be able to look upon his statue is truly heartwarming. His life’s work was dedicated to the millions of people around the world who found Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through his preaching. We were blessed that the Lord allowed him to be with us for 99 years; with this statue, his memory and example will live on as long as our country exists.

$185 Billion

Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published an official score for my bill, the College Cost Reduction Act, and found that it will save taxpayers $185 billion over the next decade through policies that rein in the executive branch, strengthen and simplify the nation’s broken student loan program, and reduce college costs for students and families. The state of postsecondary education in America is one of pure dilapidation—the time for serious, meaningful reform is now. CBO’s estimate for the College Cost Reduction Act is a testament to the commonsense solutions embedded in this landmark legislation that will bring much-needed accountability, transparency, and affordability measures and deliver the kind of education students need and our economy demands. Lowering the costs and ensuring value for students and taxpayers is not an option—it’s a mandate that must be upheld.

 Quote of The Week

“I have long believed taxpayers make better use of their money than the government ever could.”

-Kay Bailey Hutchison

Have a blessed weekend,