Catawba Falls in McDowell County Reopens

After a two-year closure Catawba Falls in McDowell County has reopened to the public. The trail underwent significant redesign and engineering to provide safe access to the Upper Falls. Before these improvements Catawba Falls was the scene of serious injuries and deaths as people attempted to reach the Upper Falls by climbing too close to the Lower Falls. Safety and improved user experience were the main reasons for the trail improvements as well as making the falls more accessible. One of the main features of the new trail are the staircase and observation tower between the Lower Falls and the Upper Falls. The 540 steps and 60-foot observation tower ascend the steep terrain to the Upper Falls. There are several landings along the way to stop and view the Lower Falls as you go up beside it, and there are some benches along the way as well. Catawba Falls and the trail are in the Pisgah National Forest’s Grandfather Ranger District. Go here for more information.