Madison County Lowers Property Tax


Madison County’s budget for 2024-25 has increased by 3% to $33.1 million, up from $32.1 million the previous year. The Board of Commissioners approved this budget on June 11. The property tax rate has been reduced from 50 cents to 36 cents per $100 valuation.

County Manager Rod Honeycutt noted that despite the lower tax rate, the county will generate $13.3 million in revenue, slightly less than the previous year’s $13.8 million. The budget includes significant increases for public safety and transportation.

Factors contributing to the budget increase include state Medicaid expansion, wage increases, and efforts to recruit and retain employees.
Commissioners praised the budget’s organization and transparency, with Chair Matt Wechtel and Commissioner Bill Briggs highlighting the collaborative effort.

Property revaluations will be mailed soon, and residents are encouraged to contact the tax office with any concerns.