Found Pets

Found: Female Lab Mix

A female lab mix has been found on Upper Browns Creek Road in Burnsville.  She is 30 to 35 pounds, friendly and was very well kept and clean. Has blue collar with diamond pattern.  Please call 407-620-2714. We have her and will take her to Burnsville Vet Monday to check for microchip. ...(more)

Found: Beagle

A young male beagle was found a mile up Bolens Creek in Burnsville. He’s tri-colored but mostly black. The dog has been taken to the Yancey County Animal Shelter. Call them at 682-9510. ...(more)

Found: Male Bull Dog

There is a Dark and Light Brown male bulldog wandering around the Relief area of Mitchell County.  He has been in the area 3 or 4 days.  He doesn’t seem to be a vicious dog, he is afraid of people and he avoids being caught.  He is not wearing a collar.  He is in the area near the railroad tracks and neighbors there are afraid he could wind up being injured.  If you have any ...(more)

Found: Pit Mix

Found:  On Highway 80 South a Black Pit Mix with white marking on chest.  828-675-1425 ...(more)