Be Happy

This is my opinion and my advice! I’m guilty myself of complaining so much lately that it hit me..what happened to happy? I think we all need to stop and thank God for everything ! We have let society take our happiness away to the point that its turning man of every color against each other and we are so worried about sickness and crime we chose to stay home! I want to live again and ...(more)


Bullied hatred al this Name calling this is what’s wrong with this now . If u have nothing to do then teach your own kids ok .then when comes time to put them in collage see if they except there interance scores .my child is takeing . Collage classes at mountain heritage ok needs to be in class to do this ok .an going to do drivers ed also let’s see if he can pass that class without ...(more)

Re: Enough Already

AMEN !!!! I thought they were suppose to have the road open on September 16th. Well, that day came and went and we are still dodging barrels. What is there left to finish??? Seems to me they are just drawing it out and milking that cow to the last drop. JUST OPEN THE DANG ROAD ALREADY !!!!! ...(more)

Re: Re: No Thank You School Board

Spending weeks “listening” to the community doesn’t mean he spent more than a weekend doodling a plan to reopen schools. But your point is entirely valid. Select upper echelon community members were listened to, not the teachers or administration. That’s the entire issue. School board members won’t be taking student temperatures and trying to teach under ridiculous ...(more)

Re: Backfire??

“Hopefully your bullheaded and close minded politics will serve you well in a couple months when this completely backfires.” “This” refers to the plan passed by the school board. What else would it refer to? The plan will backfire and when it does, maybe they’ll be happy with it since they’ll be responsible. Trying way too hard to read between the lines and ...(more)

Respond to “Bullies”

I just read “Bullies Win”. First of all you don’t live in Yancey County so you probably don’t know the whole situation and would be better off minding your own business. All they voted to do is let parents choose whether their kids go or continue virtual. What is so bad about that? Giving people a choice. Not making anyone do something they don’t want to do. The ...(more)

School Board

Thank you Yancey county school board for taking a stand. We cannot hide for ever! Many of us appreciate and support your decision. ...(more)


“Hopefully your bullheaded and close minded politics will serve you well in a couple months when this completely backfires.” Wow wishing bad on people — SHAMEFUL Kids need to be in school and have the option for online. SMH this is beyond belief how mean spirited some people are. I hope you find JESUS and some love in your heart!! ?? ...(more)

Selling Clearmont

I read where somebody was upset about Clearmont School being up for sale. This person seemed to think that it should be left for a few people in the Clearmont area to enjoy just because they maybe had fond memories there. I can’t believe how ridiculous that is. As many needs as there are for the schools throughout the county we should set aside a property and not sell it for the most ...(more)

Enough Already!!!!!

Enough Already!!! Cones and Barrels on 19E between Spruce Pine and Micaville need to go now!!! The road is finished for all intents and purposes. The Cones & Barrels have always been a menace but Thursday Morning, September 17, 2020 around 4:30 AM in the heavy rain and darkness they passed menace and became a risk to life and property. I along with 3 or 4 other travelers trying to get to ...(more)