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Mitchell Schools Receive $8800 Grant

Mitchell County Schools have been awarded a $8800 grant from the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. Bowman Middle, Deyton Elementary and Mitchell High schools will receive classroom grants through the Learning Links grant program. Learning Links...Read More

YCS Classroom Closure Due to Exposure

YANCEY COUNTY SCHOOLS PRESS RELEASE All Yancey County School System Staff, Students, Parents, and Guardians: Our commitment is to keep each of you informed of our efforts to maintain the safest learning environments possible. We received information...Read More

Yancey Superintendent Weekly Report 9/25/20

Superintendent Weekly Update from the desk of Kathy Amos September 25, 2020 As we prepare for our students return on October 5, I appreciate everyone working together to meet the needs of our students and employees. We...Read More

Mitchell County Schools Reopening Update

(News release from Mitchell Schools) Mitchell County Schools Board of Education met on Friday, September 25 to reevaluate and revise the 2020-2021 school reopening plan.  The time-line for returning our middle and high school students is outlined...Read More

Yancey School Board Votes 3-2 To Reopen Schools

In a split decision the Yancey County School Board voted Monday evening to reopen on-site learning. Beginning September 29th K-5 students will return to classes 4 days per week with a modified schedule dismissing at 11:45 a.m....Read More

Yancey School Board Changes Reopening Plan

In an emergency meeting held Wednesday, August 12, 2020, the Yancey County Board of Education revised the reopening school plan for the upcoming school year. Working with the local health department director and emergency management leaders, Superintendent...Read More

What’s Next for Schools and Sports

When NC Governor Cooper made a decision on Schools for the fall he had 3 choices. Plan A, B or C. He chose Plan B which presents these guidelines. Districts must limit their capacity to maintain six...Read More

Yancey County Schools

Yancey County Schools will be observing Spring Break for all staff and students the week of April 13-17, 2020. There will be no remote learning nor food deliveries during this week. Families can utilize the following resources...Read More