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Difficult Times for Teachers

I’d like to say a special thanks to all the teachers who are working extra hard under difficult circumstances. I know my nieces are spending late hours every night planning and working just to keep everything going....Read More

Opinions on schools

AMEN!! You all that don’t know anything about teaching school, virtual learning & all things education, keep quiet!!...Read More


Do you teachers ever tire of patting yourselves on the back? I actually had one preach to me that she and her ilk were “heroes”. The definition of a hero is “a person who is admired or...Read More

Re: Opinions on School

The tone offers a sense of frustration with their teaching job. Let me suggest a few solutions: 1. Seek counseling. 2. Look for another job. 3. Solutions, not complaints....Read More

Thank You Teachers

Thank you to all the teachers. The changes and uncertainty can’t be easy for you. We appreciate all you do....Read More

Opinions on School

Here’s what I think. I think that if you don’t know what it’s like to be in a classroom everyday or have no knowledge of what it takes to: 1. teach in-person 2. while teaching virtually 3....Read More

More ideas for “HIGHWAY’

I love the idea of carnival rides for the highway, but think about this. Where the water is always running down the side of the road past East Yancey Middle School we could use that for a...Read More

High school football

This is not an opinion, this is fact, I miss high school football! I know it is a little late but I would like to thank last years Mitchell team for a great year! That game at...Read More

RE: Note to media

That is a good point, it should be obvious , the one with the most votes is the president. But we have a president who is an authoritarian and wants to be a dictator. This is why...Read More

Reply to “Highway”

I agree about fixing the highway. The one near Glen Raven is something else, I’ve been on rides at Carrowinds that can’t match up to that one and the new ones over near the middle school are...Read More

A Note to the National Media:

A Note to the National Media: I would not pretend to be intelligent enough to give the various news media outlets advice but this one is just too obvious to me that I just can’t resist and...Read More

School Reopening

I was really concerned about elementary schools reopening on 9/29 after seeing photos in the local paper today from the Trump rally on the Burmsville square this past Saturday 9/19. One photo showed many many people clumped...Read More

Upset about what! Re:upset!

To start off first, ingles is not paying out any more for those working thru these times any more. Sorry, we work just as any one does! Secondly, I am pretty sure the teachers, workers, all employee’s...Read More

Truth and Consequences

You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Trump said in a Feb. 7 call to reporter Bob Woodward. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. It’s also more deadly...Read More


I thank its dumb that all the students have to go to school from 8 to 1145 then hurry home and sit in front of a screen which teachers are always saying to much screen time is...Read More

RE: Why Upset?

I, for one, am upset because school personnel and teachers are being asked to put themselves in harms way with seemingly no regard to their lives. What about teachers and staff members who are considered high risk(aka...Read More

Why Upset?

I still don’t understand why everyone is upset. It’s your choice, no one is making you send your kid to the classroom at this point....Read More

Pesky Parents

Well, now that the school board has voted to allow children to return to school, i guess the administration has decided to take it upon themselves to teach us pesky parents a lesson for intruding into our...Read More


Why can’t the town of Burnsville fix the highway after they dig it up?...Read More

Be Happy

This is my opinion and my advice! I’m guilty myself of complaining so much lately that it hit me..what happened to happy? I think we all need to stop and thank God for everything ! We have...Read More


Bullied hatred al this Name calling this is what’s wrong with this now . If u have nothing to do then teach your own kids ok .then when comes time to put them in collage see if...Read More

Re: Enough Already

AMEN !!!! I thought they were suppose to have the road open on September 16th. Well, that day came and went and we are still dodging barrels. What is there left to finish??? Seems to me they...Read More

Re: Re: No Thank You School Board

Spending weeks “listening” to the community doesn’t mean he spent more than a weekend doodling a plan to reopen schools. But your point is entirely valid. Select upper echelon community members were listened to, not the teachers...Read More

Re: Backfire??

“Hopefully your bullheaded and close minded politics will serve you well in a couple months when this completely backfires.” “This” refers to the plan passed by the school board. What else would it refer to? The plan...Read More

Respond to “Bullies”

I just read “Bullies Win”. First of all you don’t live in Yancey County so you probably don’t know the whole situation and would be better off minding your own business. All they voted to do is...Read More

School Board

Thank you Yancey county school board for taking a stand. We cannot hide for ever! Many of us appreciate and support your decision....Read More


“Hopefully your bullheaded and close minded politics will serve you well in a couple months when this completely backfires.” Wow wishing bad on people — SHAMEFUL Kids need to be in school and have the option for...Read More

Selling Clearmont

I read where somebody was upset about Clearmont School being up for sale. This person seemed to think that it should be left for a few people in the Clearmont area to enjoy just because they maybe...Read More

Enough Already!!!!!

Enough Already!!! Cones and Barrels on 19E between Spruce Pine and Micaville need to go now!!! The road is finished for all intents and purposes. The Cones & Barrels have always been a menace but Thursday Morning,...Read More

Bullies Win!!!!

Way to go Yancey County Board of Education Bullies. We will meet weekly until we get our way, to XXXX with everyone else. Oh wait I guess they actually said until they voted to open schools. Same...Read More

Re: No thank you school board

Actually, if you attended the board meeting you would know that it was more than just “a weekend”. Edwin spent weeks actually LISTENING to the community in order to make this motion. And if you actually new...Read More

School Opening

I don’t understand why people are so upset. If you don’t want to go back to the schools just do what you have been doing, school virtually. All the plan does is give people the option to...Read More

No Thank You School Board

Thank you Norb McKinney and Jeanne Tuner for trying to stick to the original agenda and not spending your past weekend preparing the motion to highjack the board meeting. It’s a good thing the schools put more...Read More

More School

Well my son is ov a good age an judge .he’s a Senior, he says he needs school to do some classes .needs hands on in class to do some .two days on an off in class...Read More

Thank you school board

Thank you Edwin Fortner for making the first motion and spending your past weekend preparing the motion to get our children back in school. Thank you also to those who voted in favor. My daughter is ecstatic...Read More


Big shout out to the school board for creating a completely illogical plan that was made with zero teacher and administration concern or support. As long as we make the parents happy, some of whom don’t even...Read More

Re: Bias

I agree no matter who complains or gets mad or says this or that..what will be will be that’s for sure! We all need to get along and have a happy life while we can and help...Read More

Re: Scared of Virus



Never seen a country so devided.over politics ok .let’s be americans an not one sided please. let’s stick to the facts let the chips fall were they may .no need to lie about stuff no matter what.have...Read More

School Reopening

i can see kids going back to school but wouldnt it make more sense to wait flu season starts the end of october the first of november why open only to close due to spick in cases...Read More

Scared of Virus

If people are scared of Covid-19 then that’s their choice! No need to poke fun because people want to stay safe from it!...Read More

Kansas !!

Was there not anyone from our county or even a neighboring county qualified to be director of the chamber of commerce? I wonder who made that decision, better yet I wonder who her buddy is in Yancey...Read More

New hire response

Does any one that works in the city government know anything about our county past the width of 19e?? Doubt it. Thats why they paid a third party to develop an economic plan in 2008 that states...Read More

Scared of the Virus?

If you are huddling in your home scared of the virus you are exactly where you need to me be because you are much much much more likely to die in a car wreck when you go...Read More

Does She Know Anything About The Area?

The new director of the Yancey Chamber is from Kansas. She has 20 years experience according to your news story which is great but does she know anything about Yancey County? I doubt it. Does she know...Read More