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Public Hearing

Why would you schedule a public hearing at 8:30 am on Tuesday ? Oh yeah, the public will be working. Maybe 2nd shift people will show up? Does it matter anyway?...Read More

Trash Scavenger 2

Was just wondering if Trash Scavenger 2 saw a man eating from a trash can did they offer to get the man something to eat ? Sounds to me like they are more concerned about making the...Read More

Local Family Needs Help

The family of Dickie Geouge of Blue Rock has had 2 family members –son and then mother—pass away within days of each other.  A GoFundMe account has been created to help Dickie Geouge, a strong, proud mountain...Read More

Lack of Foster Homes

Considering the vast majority of Mitchell County is church-going & Pro-life it was absolutely shocking to learn of the major shortage of foster homes here. Poor kids. All they want is a safe, loving home. And those...Read More

Trash Scavenger 2

Scavenging through trash is both DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL! How is the trash scavenger doing a free service for the community when I have seen him eat from trash cans? Do you realize how dangerous it is to...Read More


To who saw man going threw trash.Iv saw this man for many years do this ok .He picks up trash from side ov road an recycles ok .Next time u see him u should thank him ....Read More


The state of Pennsylvania lottery.It benefits older residents,such as low cost prescriptions,rebates with property taxes, or rent. And numerous other services.Perhaps it’s time NC offers 2 lotteries....Read More

Gun Confiscation and Laws

Have you heard about the red flag laws ?Have you been to Virginia to see what is going on?Did you hear the news story on WCNC about gun confiscation and what they are doing in Lincoln County...Read More

Kudos to Tree Trimmers

I’m very appreciative of the job the men do who cut/trim power line right of ways.There was a big pine near one of my buildings(and power line).and these guys brought it down with safety and precision.They have...Read More

Gun Confiscation ?

In 1990, when this “Gub’mint gonna take my guns” junk started, there were about 120,000,000 guns in America. As of 2018 there are now 393,000,000 guns in America. So, you know, you’d be better off worrying about...Read More

Gun Confiscation

Websters dictionary defines tyranny as harsh,absolute and unfair rule by a king or ruler;complete control.These tyrannist are destroying our second amendment right to bear arms and the rest of our constitution.These states are trying to dictate this...Read More

Trash Scavenger

I have seen in Burnsville a man several times going through the trash cans at McDonalds , Roses and Sav-Mor and placing items he found in his own personal bag. I do not know what he is...Read More

Thanks to All Law Enforcement

I never thought in my day that there would ever be the lack of respect as we are now witnessing toward law enforcement. There seems to be a total lack of respect for any authority period! Sadly,...Read More

DOT Road Maintenance

To agree with the recent poster about road from intersection to Walmart, it’s not just Mitchell county, it’s state wide incompetence in the engineering and maintenance of our highways. The dot hires out most of there oversight...Read More

Conservancy Land Purchases

Recently we have seen a lot of land purchases in our area by Conservancys.They say that this is going to protect our water ways,the birds migration,etc.In my opinion this is just a front for another agenda....Read More

On Grassy Creek Landscaping

Having beautiful sights around you is great, but can you talk Mitchell County into finishing the road from the intersection to Walmart. The lines are so faint and in many sections do not line up in a...Read More

Christmas Parade Thank You

The Kiwanis Club of Spruce Pine would like to thank all the churches, businesses, civic groups, clubs and individuals who participated in the annual Spruce Pine Christmas Parade on November 30th.  Despite the inclement weather, there was...Read More

Friday Night Lights

Got off work late on Friday the 13th, about 7:30, and though tired met my wife for a trip through the wonderland that Burnsville NC . Beautiful lights ,decorations, treats, warm drinks and lots of warm smiles...Read More

Animal Welfare

In response to the response of the directors opinion. As a shelter employee myself, our concern is for the animal and that they get a rabies vaccine whether it be from us or a veterinarian. Your statement...Read More

County Recycle

In my opinion,it does not matter which county puts trash in the bins because it would be better to have it there than on the roadsides,in our yards,in the ditches,in the streams,in the rivers,Also visitors to the...Read More

County recycling

I have heard that the recycling areas are going to start closing early due to so much garbage. Madison County,Erwin and Buncombe counties all require permits that are visible on the windshields of their vehicles. This might...Read More

Proposed Animal Ordinances

Yes, there are state laws guiding animal welfare. However, out of 100 counties in NC, we are one of 11 counties that have no local ordinances that go above and beyond the basic state guidlines. The ordinances...Read More

Animal Ordinance

I’m sure that the Yancey county sheriff’s department is thrilled to be the new dog catcher’s. Please stop this ordinance! There are already state laws that protect animals. Don’t let these people who care more about animals...Read More

Animal Ordinance

This animal ordinance is completely ridiculous. I’m sure the sheriffs department has so much extra time and resources to drive around inspecting dog houses and measuring dog lots and dog chains. Not to mention the fact that...Read More


I agree with the other posters about the beautiful telescope. I for the life of me could not figure out what it was supposed to be and then my mom told me it was supposed to be...Read More

New school

Can someone tell me why the yard at the new school has not been mowed? It looks like a good stand of grass so I really don’t see how mowing could hurt it. It’s over ankle high....Read More

Speed Signs 2

That’s right I never seen a speed limit sign keep people from speeding, and I’ve yet seen one give out a ticket. I’m not the fool that is speeding on Double Island road, I just don’t like...Read More


well i just drooped my son off at school at mountain heritage. To my surprise to see road an parking lot at kids drop of still not fixed pot holes least the state could do is patch...Read More

Double Island Road

The 35 mph speed limit signs were erected because too many people speed on this twisting, curvy road. How often have you been endangered by another driver speeding and driving over the double yellow line?...Read More

Speed Signs

Who’s idea was it to put 35 mph signs on Double Island Rd. All you have done is gobbed up the road with ugly metal. Who ever did this and messed up our scenery is probley the...Read More


talking about the art on west burnsville .sorry but it looks like something u would see at a gas station!...Read More

Not Sure It’s Art

I agree with this person. I am not the greatest person on art, but looking at what Spruce Pine has and even the art at the Federal Building in Asheville the art in Burnsville has a lot...Read More

Michelle Presnell’s Disappointed with Gov Cooper

Sorry you are so disappointed with Gov. Cooper, I can say the same about Mitch McConnell blocking several gun legislation bills…..and your backing of the silly, “waste the taxpayers money” bathroom bill, and your stand on fracking….guess...Read More

Not sure its art!

I am not sure folks driving thru our town and looks at the art(telescope) both day time and night can really say its art! And even come close to looking like a telescope! I have spoken to...Read More

Anything New

I love the way anything that this town gets everyone is so negative about it. The sidewalks when the new road was built everyone complained about them Then complained about the art work beside new ray inn...Read More

Pinebridge Inn Project

Taxpayer money should not be used for this type of funding. When the Inn becomes profitable will money be returned to the county? This is similar to the referendum on last election ballot, Mitchell County citizens voted...Read More

Who is Paying for Corner Art?

Good question! is that a going to be there for good? What is it? looks like an old child toy telescope that changes color as you turn it looking into the light! Not sure, but is this...Read More

New Art

Who is paying for the new art installation at the intersections?...Read More

Department of Social Services

I am trying to understand something and maybe someone can help me to? I am a taxpaying citizen, and am paying into the system so that one day I might be able to retire and live the...Read More

Opinion Editor Note

We have received many comments about the Yancey County School Board Superintendent Selection.  In keeping with the Opinion Posting Guidelines, “You may comment on elected officials, public offices, government bodies, public figures. You can comment on the...Read More

Prayer at graduation

No you are not wrong! School staff cannot initiate or lead any religious activity, but the students have the right to do so as long as it is not a disruption of classroom time. School staff can...Read More

Prayer at Graduation

When did we stop saying a student lead prayer at graduation? I know the school officials can not pray but I thought they could have a student lead prayer during the ceremony. Was I wrong in thinking...Read More

Good Samaritan

To the people in the white Chevy truck today, just know that I saw you stop and get that homeless man. I want you to know that that was amazing and that I had turned around to...Read More

Animal Cruelty

The demise of the german shepherd at the hands of someone who should not have been allowed animals to begin with makes me angry ! I hope that Banks will prohibit them from pet ownership forward....Read More

Yancey County Schools

We need a drastic change in the way our schools are being ran. Some members of the school board don’t seem to care about what’s best for our children....Read More

Help for Senior Citizen In Burnsville

My sister Jill Lanese just entered into a lease purchase on a lovely home in Burnsville. It is on top of a mountain and pretty much my sister’s dream to retire in such a lovely home and...Read More