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Don’t you understand there is no one spreader of disinformation. The current practitioners put any historic disinformation on the part of the US government to shame. At least in my lifetime, lots of people who were susceptible...Read More

On The World And The Bible

So an atheist’s opinion on your scripture is not valid, but you can reject the Quoran or other scriptures. Seems a bit hypocritical. I guess a subjective reading of your bible by someone with no skin in...Read More


Don’t you understand the Government is the spreader of Disinformation. Lots have been indoctrinated Another word for(Brainwashed).Both parties have indoctrinated individuals ....Read More

The Real Big Delusion

Unlike lots of folks who like me are appalled at how the folks defending what happened on January 6 have been programmed and brainwashed by their handlers, I have no problem with the Speaker of the House...Read More

J6 the real BIG LIE

Thank you Speaker Johnson for releasing all the video! This isn’t shocking for some of us, but the brainwashed really need to step out of your feelings and use your brains. There’s no way any logical person...Read More

Being Independent, Really

Ya’ll are all a trip, the ones trying to define what or who all Independents are as though registering as an independent makes someone part of some monolith that can be defined by you, based on you....Read More


I think most people registered Independent , like I am, do so because they can’t agree totally with what one side is. I like some things on one agenda and some on the other. When I vote...Read More

Elon Savage Musk

The best response in history!! I was rolling on the floor laughing! This dude is savage!! SORKIN: But those advertisers, I imagine, they’re going to say, we didn’t kill the company. MUSK: Oh, yeah. Tell it to...Read More

Re: real independents

This is “dragging” independents? How did you read that from this? “An independent, whether they are willing to admit it or not, ALWAYS sways to the left or right. They just don’t want to commit to either...Read More

Real Independents

Here you are trying to drag the Independents into your argument when all it was was a suggestion .I think there is about to be a nuclear between T&B syndrome here . The Real Independents are the...Read More

Elon Musk

Gotta love Elon Musk! He cannot be intimidated by the woke corporate elites....Read More

Independents, et al

Some of the folks assessing or judging independents, don’t seem to know all that many and seem to lack imagination. An awful lot of, not all, independents are aware that reality is not a case of only...Read More

Re: laughing matter

This is what America thinks, whether you want to believe it or not. This comedian nails it… the whole set from the clip the other day I posted. https://youtu.be/V6XoV-5X7as?si=5R3wxu5us8Uh5XG8 Yeah, it’s a sitcom aka SITUATIONAL COMEDY, that’s...Read More


I think the FACT that EVERYONE isn’t laughing at Jim or anyone else be they inside or outside of which or any echo chamber kinda means that those who think so are probably in an echo chamber...Read More

Psst Independents and Common ground

This comedy set sums up why we can’t find common ground as a society! And yes, EVERYONE is laughing at the idiocracy that is living outside of the insane echo chamber. EVERYONE!! https://youtu.be/V6XoV-5X7as?si=9bzgfTMqIBFIJwks...Read More


An independent, whether they are willing to admit it or not, ALWAYS sways to the left or right. They just don’t want to commit to either side. That’s ok, but most of the time they are just...Read More

From Another Independent

Suggestion: understand that one of “the ones” commenting on “syndromes” is an Independent who respects differences, but understands that common ground between two deeply flawed positions is not a solution....Read More

From An Independent

Suggestion: All the ones that argue over the Biden and Trump syndrome – by under standing and respecting the differences-why can’t you work to find common ground and develop effective solutions to the problems. The SHIP is...Read More

Not a Laughing Matter

Of course there is a difference between assessing any president or administration and hating or loving anyone. And while no doubt there are people who hate the previous president or are full of anger towards him because...Read More

BDS? Lol

There’s a HUGE difference between knowing Biden and this administration is a complete failure and hating him or anyone. People HATE Trump and are full of anger towards him because the media told them to. Those of...Read More


I bought a turkey at Walmart for Thanksgiving and package said 14lbs 11oz- put it in the refrigerator for 2days to thaw and when I opened the package there was about 2 quarts of water or more...Read More

Lack of logic of any kind

Hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but “all of America” isn’t laughing in anyone’s face. That would take a level of agreement that simply doesn’t exist except at the bottom of some rabbit holes. Lord knows the...Read More


As someone neither “side” I have found it interesting that in the medicalized language that seems so popular these days there seems to be concurrent disorders of a sort in the general population. Those who diagnose TDS...Read More

The world and the Bible

Lol, even satan knows Scripture. An atheist’s assessment of Scripture is null and void, also any of their opinions on it. Again, LOL. KEEP TRYING THOUGH!...Read More

Epitome of lefty logic

The left has people in America so brainwashed, they literally left their brain in the idiocy of the propaganda. This is why all of America is laughing in the face of all the ridiculous arguments and “logic”...Read More

RE: Does your God answer prayer?

This is why I say you need to read a book. Heck, you need to read the bible. A monotheist is a person who believes in one god: that’s you. I’m an atheist: I believe there is...Read More


Trump Derangement Syndrome is Term used to describe an intense, irrational hatred or extreme negative reaction towards former US President Donald Trump. It is often used by trump supporters to characterize those who vehemently oppose his policies...Read More

All kinds of nonsense

Not sure why the responding poster thinks someone clearly expressing their personal position “needs to determine for other posters whether it’s doing those posters any good.” But then I suppose anyone who mistakes posting in an anonymous...Read More


Oh yes, this is EXACTLY what it is! Trust the fact that ALL of America is laughing at the mental breakdowns of all the people with TDS. Nailed it! https://youtu.be/efJR0kJKuQ0?si=BiCZSSRXba0N8crw...Read More

where’s the hypocrisy?

I’m no hypocrite,I don’t pretend to believe in Christ I actually do.I practice my faith by living it 24/7.pitiful to be so full of animosity for someone who prays for you.cares for your soul.And does you no...Read More

Does your “god” answer prayer?

Whatever it is you agnostics or monotheists believe in,does”it” answer prayer?Do “they”give you peace of mind? Does” it “ever heal sick bodies?Does” it ” give you guidance to make the right choices when facing serious decisions?I pray...Read More


The purple elephant danced with a coconut while wearing a polka-dot hat and singing opera. The moon laughed and the stars twirled in amusement as the trees played the trumpet and clouds did cha-cha .It was a...Read More

Re: Nonsense?

Not sure why this poster thinks they need to determine for other posters whether it’s doing those posters any good. Perhaps we just enjoy the dialogue and don’t need anyone telling us whether we should be posting...Read More


This forum demonstrates how social media is destructive, not just here in our little community, but across the world....Read More

No laughing before god?

Do you know what I hear when you speak? Blah-de-blah, blah blah blah blah, hypocrisy…blah blah..ignorance…bigotry…blah blah. Get it through your head, we don’t all believe in your invisible friend. Get over it. And besides, didn’t your...Read More

Nonsense? Or worse?

Personally, what I consider nonsensical is an argument on an anonymous opinion forum about who is participating in childish nonsense or someone’s pronouncements over who can or will know or experience love, peace or happiness. Chill, folks....Read More

God Loves You Too

Believing in God may be childish nonsense to you, but God loves you too. A person who doesn’t believe in God will never know what true love, peace, and happiness truly is. We, those childish nonsensical believers,...Read More

RE: No Laughing Before God

When will you people get it? What will it take? There are around 3000 worshipped gods on earth. The arrogance to believe yours is the only one is astonishing! The Bible saying something is true is no...Read More

Thursday and always

I would certainly hope and assume that having a happy Thanksgiving and wishing one to all is something we all and all ya’ll could agree on! …no matter who we or they are, no matter what pronoun...Read More

no laughing before God

No one,especially self proclaimed atheists,will be laughing when they stand before God to give an account of their rejection of Jesus Christ. The bible says EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ...Read More

Bless Your Heart

There are many reasons why in the south we say, “Bless your heart,” including to and about people who try to bully others who don’t believe what they do or who seem to think they own or...Read More

RE: Pronouns

Your pronouns should be never read/a/book Ever heard of intersex people? It is uncommon, but a significant percentage of humans are born intersex. Examples include people born with XY chromosomes (cis male) who have no external male...Read More


This was not funny for the one that got it. Someone told me they got flu V….and got flu anyway- I said no you got poisoned and the body’s response to being poisoned is to get sick...Read More


My pronouns are: My GOD/is/GOOD As far as what gender I am, I just look down. It’s quite an amazing creation my God made isn’t it?! He gave us all the clues to know what we are....Read More

Have a BLESSED day

There’s a reason in the South, WE say BLESS YOUR HEART! You have a blessed day, I’ll pray to MY GOD you do! GOD BLESS!!...Read More

Your Religion Is Not Mine

I’m getting so tired of “Christians” on here saying that something is true just because the bible says so. It’s true because the bible is the word of god. You’ll be sorry when you stand before god...Read More

Dear Criers part 2

Funny how some people assume I’m affiliated with either Party, or any Party at all based on my crier post. I’m for common sense, period. It’s amazing and insane at the same time, if anyone has anything...Read More

The one Speaking

We is used to refer to the person speaking ,and one or more other people. Some people just don’t get it....Read More


We can be one two three etc. not just you don’t start you crying I put in same boat as Rep. and Dem....Read More

Independent Independents

As an independent myself I’m pretty sure based on some things said in the previous post that I’m not part of that person’s “we.”...Read More

Dear Whoever, Whyever

Determining motives are above my pay grade. Take it up with Jesus or St. Peter or whoever you go to for that kind of thing. But I have to admit a certain amount of curiosity about some...Read More


Don’t you love that all we independent enjoy watching cry and whining Rep and Dem this one did this that one did that. Look at how many years this has gone on and none have gone to...Read More

Dear Criers:

To all those who whine and cry about mean tweets and how Trump is just so “mean and aggressive”… Let’s not forget… https://youtu.be/aj1Rwlztapg?si=ZYWoJbIW8c_vDD9i But it’s ok to threaten a sitting President while in office. It’s ok for...Read More


Wow, you really can’t tell your players without a scorecard and certainly not without a name. Rambling bits of nonsense about change, “outsiders,” borders, progress and business might have questionable intentions or might be badly informed in...Read More

Rape and Incest Victims

Your example of a normal child born out of incest from a biological father and daughter scenario is a rare outcome. I also am aware of a child that was born under the exact circumstances in the...Read More

Science says…

The left’s hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me! You all say, “we believe in science!” You all screamed all throughout Covid, TRUST THE SCIENCE at the top of your lungs. But on abortion, science doesn’t matter. “Peer-reviewed...Read More

Rape and Incest victims

I have the view of two wrongs don’t make a right. And it certainly doesn’t justify an innocent life being ripped out of a womb. As far as the medical argument about saving a mother’s life that...Read More


Several counties did not want change over the year. They would stop progress and businesses coming in but there won’t be any stopping the outsiders(illegals) coming in. They wouldn’t stop them at the southern border. Can these...Read More

Why is gas so high in Yancey County?

Having just driven halfway across the state, I am left perplexed as to the gas prices in Yancey, which are the highest I saw anywhere, including Asheville (except around Biltmore House). From Spruce Pine to Charlotte, gas...Read More

Women & Murdering Babies

If you’ve every carried a baby in your womb and felt that child jump when there was a loud noise and then immediately stop crying at birth once they hear your voice, you wouldn’t need to refer...Read More

when life begins

Adam .the first human God created was formed of the earth.Babies are formed in the womb.There’s plenty of proof that babies are ALIVE in their mothers womb.Apparently some even in this modern age ,are not familiar with...Read More

Women & Murder of Babies

Virtually all Americas, based on real recent surveys & voting records of states where that was a ballot issue, support women’s automony when it cames to their health care decisions. As for murdering babies we haven’t seem...Read More

Evidence and Distractions

Some folks seem so intent on worrying about who has their head in some manufactured sand that they can’t see there are distractions in the rabbit holes their own heads are stuck in. Let’s just hope figuring...Read More

Women and Murder of babies

What happened to a woman can take birth control FOR FREE. In addition and more importantly, what happened to women having self respect. That’s obviously not an option anymore. As a society you have taken away any...Read More

DoD & Senator Tuberville

Dear Senator Budd, Watched your informative video on your & other Senate GOP members pushing SecDef to change the DoD policy in support of Senator Tuberville’s stifiling of senior military promotions which is on him, Senator Tuberville’s,...Read More

Yep, “no evidence”

Here’s another case of non evidence in election fraud. The truth will come out, ALWAYS does… one way or the other. Let’s just hope it’s not 100 years from now! We know the truth and the LIE...Read More

People Voting on Machines

I see nothing going on during voting in the places being questioned or here where they are not being questioned that in any way allows ballot stuffing. We have people with integrity and commitment who are in...Read More

Where is Verizon?

Why is there nothing in the news about Verizon? People have been out of service for over a week now, in Yancey Co. It’s ridiculous!!! Call them and complain and ask for your bill to be pro-rated....Read More

Voting Machines

I hear about power outages during voting and the machines are down. I think this is when the ballot stuffing goes on-Money Talks .As corrupt as this country is nothing would surprise me. We need independent third...Read More

Politics in a Democracy

The only trouble I have knowing who to vote for is when sometimes, occasionally, my choices are both equally bad. That is sometimes the case. Not really often though these days. It is kind of depressing when...Read More


go vote, i vote in person, my right as a american. i voted,i looked at counting machine only plugged to power ok no phone line to tally or change! get educated about polices ,not that easy to...Read More


Could you enlighten us on who not to vote for? You know your vote doesn’t count especially with the ones selected or ballot stuffed .I think there has been a lot of that going on. I think...Read More


u hit the nail on the head my friend. i don’t believe the devil could do much better, god bless all. these deceivers !!...Read More

Describing A Politician (Rep&Dem)

Who does not tell the truth can be described in various ways including 1. Liar: the term straightforwardly characterizes a politician who consistently and intentionally misrepresents facts and deceives the public. 2. Deceiver: the term emphasizes the...Read More

Mitchell Football

I would just like to take a minute to brag on our Mitchell Mountaineer football team. Before the season started what you heard was the team was young and lost some good players, all true, might be...Read More

Veterans’ Day & our elected Reps

Received mailings from our Congressional Reps thanking us Vets for our service to this great Country, yet not one has censured Rep Tuberville for halting the promotions of America’s senior military leaders. I’ve communicated with all of...Read More

Community Drug Awareness at Mitchell JCPC

The next meeting of the Mitchell County JCPC will be on Wednesday, November 15, at 8:30 a.m., Room P210 at Mayland Community College, Phillips building. Ashley Beam and John Masters of the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Department will be presenting a...Read More

I’m In!

How do we slash to a dollar the pay of every congressman who thought it was a good idea to waste their time meaninglessly proposing and voting to slash somebody else’s paycheck instead of doing their job?...Read More

Way It works

America had lot of our tax dollars and other countries start dispute with warmongers like LG-NH, others. Don’t worry these politicians will give you the American Tax dollars to go at it and when America pulls out...Read More

Just A Dollar

This is all politicians deserve if they don’t do their JOBS-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWi1i6BKrwE...Read More

We know the falling away

Christians understand the falling away because Jesus told us about it. The secular world doesn’t see it for what it is, they see it as the opposite of what it actually means. They are being deceived, Jesus...Read More

GOP game plan?!

Given Americans’ voting results in Ohio, Kentucky n Virginia the GOP better learn that if ithey want to win their war they better start winning some battles. On the outside chance Trump becomes POTUS he’ll very likely...Read More

The world thinks they know Jesus…

But you don’t know Jesus, He wants you to know Him! Jesus doesn’t only reference hell, he describes it in great detail. He says it is a place of eternal torment (Luke 16:23), of unquenchable fire (Mark...Read More