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Epitome of lefty logic

The left has people in America so brainwashed, they literally left their brain in the idiocy of the propaganda. This is why all of America is laughing in the face of all the ridiculous arguments and “logic”...Read More

Homelessness here and across America

Homelessness in this country has always bothered me. It has been a problem since long before anyone decided to start noticing and blaming immigrants entering this country “illegally.” I was working on the streets with homeless veterans...Read More

RE:Puppet Shows

When you read Puppet Masters, in my opinion, there are more people more powerful than the President, the Congress ,or the Senate. You have to figure out who the Puppet Masters are then you will see the...Read More

Life as an Ostrich…

In a way I applaud the life of keeping your head in the sand. But, I do think (well used to) that they can’t affect our daily life. Meaning, the government and their policies, laws, etc. And,...Read More

Puppet shows

Who produces the puppet shows that want us to believe our only choices are broke or rich, happy or depressed? Who writes the scripts for those puppet shows where money and our emotional state are always connected?...Read More

The Puzzle

We have an energy crisis, we have food production warehouses being sabotaged, we have railways being sabotaged, we have chemical plants on fire, ETC-we have all these different things happening. So many people can’t put the pieces...Read More

The coming global digital ID

Everything is being digitalized all your records put in national/global database. Soon for “security/convenience” it will be a implantable device. No more cash, wallets, physical records, license, medical cards, credit/debit cards ect needed everything to function in...Read More

Re: US Citizens Who Can And Do Read

That post was one of the most concise and informative posts I’ve read on this forum. Dig a little deeper into the Sudanese situation and you find the role of women in this conflict. They need our...Read More

Puppet Masters

The Puppet Masters are pulling the strings of the ones under them. The ones in charge in the White House, the Congress and the Senate are going to do as they are told by the Puppet Masters....Read More

Help to the poor and elderly

Last Thanksgiving, I assisted in helping a friend deliver meals from Higgins Methodist church. My eyes were opened to the amount of elderly and poor that are alone in our community and my heart sank. I was...Read More


We have allowed corruption to take over this country and we have given our blood, our sweat and our equity to these corporations. In some cases we have allowed politicians to sell our blood, sweat, and our...Read More