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i’m just literally amazed how people are getting sucked into the giant webb, lies an hypocrisy .of politicians,an some religions leaders.true ends near. pray that all come to no the truth ....Read More

Prophecy unfolding…

Johnny Cash wrote a song “Going by the Book” it can be seen on YouTube check it out. He knew what was coming and it’s obvious its here in spades. Here is a sample: https://strangesounds.substack.com/p/we-live-in-the-twilight-zone-anyone...Read More

Tyranny, democracy and other big words

While many tend to equate American democracy with the Constitution, as if the two were synonymous with each other, our shared history makes clear that the two are in tension with each other and always have been....Read More

Democracy NEVER mentioned

There’s a reason, and there is also a reason the left and globalists want you to use democracy… https://dailycaller.com/2016/08/24/why-there-is-no-mention-of-democracy-in-the-u-s-constitution/ “the use of the term “democracy” to describe the form of government established by the Constitution of the...Read More


Politicians YOU promised that if you (and your party) was elected that YOU would push for MORE housing in Yancey County. WE are holding YOU EACH accountable for MORE housing! WE DEMAND THAT YOU KEEP YOUR PROMISES!...Read More

America, a country with aspirations

An awful lot of misinformed or misinforming people in many different forums have taken to reminding the public that “we’re not a democracy.” Formally, of course our country is a republic. But a close and in depth...Read More

Ref: America is NOT a democracy

Thank you! Both parties are bought and paid working for the same globalists for the same agenda! It’s like good cop bad cop routine, if you wanna see who exactly just look at the membership of the...Read More

America is NOT a Democracy

Article IV – Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution reads – “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on...Read More

Schools, Vote, Democracy

Yes, we have to keep an eye on our schools more than ever! When the pres.Admi/is pushing thru more force onto Sex/gender, Blockers, get doctors on board to push for this Sex gender to our school children....Read More

Democracy Saved?

Democracy for who was saved or attacked by who? That some folks can’t answer that question or won’t ask it goes a long way to show they don’t really seem to understand all that much about our...Read More

Democracy Saved

That someone would say that democracy was saved by a democrat win just goes to show they fell prey to misinformation fed out by the Democrats. It’s a sad time in our country’s history when our political...Read More

Re: “Voting” Post

Define “We” who is paying attention. When election time comes around the misunderstanding of what is and is not going on in schools is stunning. Happens every time. Voting is certainly a voice in America, one of...Read More


We do pay attention to our children, and voting is everyone’s voice in America. Educator’s depend on voting also. Students learn voting also. It’s not about hate or good intentions....Read More

Ref: Landlords and tenants

COVID-19 produced greedpox, up to 2019-20 you could rent 2 br houses/mobile homes here in SW Va. for $350-400. a month…now these average $500-600+. IF you can find one and 3 br units run $750-1000++. Add the...Read More

Education and school boards

I vote in Mitchell Co, and understand that all parents don’t agree on much of anything. I know that many are tired of the assumptions and politics people, many of them without children in Mitchell County Schools,...Read More

Landlords & Tenants

Has anyone noticed that there is an extreme housing shortage in Yancey and the surrounding areas? If a home does come available for rent, it is extremely to high. A small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home is...Read More

I agree with real scam

It’s encouraging to know there are still some people out there that can think rationally.No doubt our nation is in bad shape.What is troublesome now is that this poor,incompetent man is going to run for president again!!!...Read More

Board of Education

I vote in Mitchell Co, and understand parents say “NO” to stated “Liberal Agenda” (CRT). And YES they are steered towards whether it’s the ‘offical’ curriculum or not, if your a democratic teacher. Two of who I...Read More


I used to have Spectrum and never had any issues. I switched to Country Cable because I liked the fact that when you called a person answered the phone and it was smaller. With Spectrum, after the...Read More

spectrum cable

For inquire of spectrum cable, you have to be aware of the bundle deal you sign up for, for most of those who have it, say the pricing of cable you get keeps going up , and...Read More

What does new age teach?

This “movement” and ideology is of satan, and he knows it will lead millions to death. Romans 1 18For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the...Read More

Ref: Do not understand

The Bible is crystal clear no amount of redefining or twisting it will change it. It applies to ALL no matter which corrupt political party one sides with as both R and D are morally bankrupt! Sin...Read More

Zito is a Zero!!!

Anyone checked their bill from Zito this month? Well, they have stuck it to us and raised the rates. This means we as consumers have had 2 raises in our cable bills this year. One from Country...Read More

Do not understand

The Bible (Gods word) is crystal clear abortion, homosexuality, and same sex marriage is sin. I do not understand folks who say they are a Christian, believe the bible, and attend church, but belong to a party...Read More

Beaver Blood Moon

IF your up between 3-7am tomorrow morning and the weather cooperates here is something to enjoy:https://www.space.com/blood-moon-lunar-eclipse-november-2022-what-time...Read More

How to transform America

The international banksters took control of our monetary system a long time ago. They put their lackey’s in all branches of the government and entangled our military into the UN and NATO. But they had to deal...Read More


at how much money company’s have made off so called inflation . greed is killing....Read More

Halls Chapel Church Break-In

Has the sheriffs department figured out who did the damage at the church out on Halls Chapel? Just concerned about other churches and want to make sure that the department has caught the idiots!!...Read More

Halloween on Square

My family and I attended the trick or treating event on the square. On our way home we saw many school buses still delivering children to their homes. I cannot help to think about the children who...Read More

The Beauty of Grey

There is beauty in the complexity of God’s creation. The world, God’s world, is not black and white, never has been. I can’t see that whole world in all its beauty in the view from the fence...Read More

Black or White

I once heard a pastor say that there are no grey areas. Either it is sin or it is not. Either right or wrong. Either you believe or you don’t. One thing is for certain though, IF...Read More


Thinking about things, thinking about anything would be good, is always good. Simply trying to prove our neighbors wrong based on what anyone finds from sources far away that don’t know or care about any of us...Read More

Re: Think about this

That is exactly why I responded with Vaccine Opinions post! I refuse to believe anything that comes out of the propaganda machine as facts. On either side, but wanted to show the “fact” person the other side...Read More

Think about this…..

This person says they got facts and then the other says they got other facts to prove the other wrong. But neither side has facts because they are only repeating what they have read or heard someone...Read More

Sooooooo important

And by the way, since some people are so into the “facts” and “need” for this vaccine. What say you about this?: https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/rich-countries-are-destroying-covid-vaccines-they-hoarded-while-much-of-the-world-still-waits-for-their-first-shot/ar-AA13cvwz This is ok? So it’s ok for you to be safe but not those...Read More

Fools and their “FACTS”

Just remember folks the devil is the father of confusion… he wants you to live under a veil of lies. Deceiving yourselves and then go around spreading that around to your neighbors. This world is run by...Read More

Vaccine Opinions

Sorry, but I’m not in a delusional slumber. ANYTHING about this “vaccine” is theory and opinion. It has not been out long enough to know any REAL data. It has had zero long term studies. And the...Read More


.Where is the proof that vaccines(warp speed) saves lives especially the elderly and those with health problems?I don’t put any faith in Dr.Fauci,the CDC or fake doctors that are paid to promote this.$$$$$$I have read about Agenda...Read More

Trick or Treat Schedule

Who ever made the schedule of having Trick or Treat (in Burnsville town square) on Monday made a HUGE mistake. Schools are half a day on Thursday, none on Friday (and of course Saturday and Sunday). Trick...Read More

Diesel supply shortage

The hits just keep coming as winter and a 2 front war looms oh and new COVID/flu season. The barges on the Mississippi river can’t move and a rail strike is back on the table. https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/economy/2022/10/25/dwindling-us-diesel-supply-keep-inflation-heating-bills-high/10591822002/...Read More

Opinions, fantasy or manipulation?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but opinions are not facts. No one has said the vaccine is essential to anyone. The vaccine helps save lives, particularly of our elderly neighbors and those with other health problems....Read More


We have allowed corruption to take over this country and we have given our blood, our sweat and our equity to these corporations. In some cases we have allowed politicians to sell our blood, sweat, and our...Read More