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Response to Walmart Post

Yes,my mind is intact-at least I do my homework before I believe what the media is telling you.You won’t be saying this shortly when the 5G weapon system is switched on.Obviously you have not done your research...Read More

Walmart Post


COVID Walmart

Went to Walmart and there was a corral that the people had to be herded into at the grocery entrance and the other entrances and exits were locked.In my opinion,I would be more afraid of a shooter...Read More


Does Anyone Know “When” Or “If” Cane River Park Will Allow Fishing In The River This Season? ( Please Do Not Respond To This Comment With Negative Remarks or with Political Answers Or How The Park Should...Read More

SEARCH Letter to the Editor/Media

We live in a remarkable place – caring people, beautiful surroundings, hard-working folks.  The COVID-19 virus is the latest challenge to the economy and our well-being.  While responses to the virus are too numerous to list, I’d...Read More


I bet my bottom dollar as the saying goes. Parents across Yancey co. Have a new appreciations for our teachers. I would like to Thank You each and every one for educating our children. Thank you again...Read More

Yes, out state visitors are around now

I agree to the post of summer rentals need to shut down and visitors from out state are starting to show up! And for some reason they feel our county yancey along with NC counties, are fairing...Read More

French Broad Disconnect

Several days ago FBEMC issued a Covid statement on their website. Buried halfway down was this statement, “At this time non-payment disconnections have not been suspended. However, we recognize COVID-19 will cause a financial hardship on some...Read More

Don’t go on vacation

I have been hearing that folks are still planning on going on their “Spring Break” vacations this year. I am sure they have had reservations for a while, and I understand that they “need a vacation”. But,...Read More

Summer Residents and Visitors

I feel like this is a concern that needs to be addressed by our county leaders. I was at Ingles this morning and by the looks of things there has been an influx of summer residents and...Read More

there is a small amount of calmness

Well we are thru the first week of the change of daily routine and life style, now we have to get ready for the second week coming up. Hoping families have grasp the need to slow down...Read More

Reply: Restaurants Donating Meals

You have a lot of questions, have you considered reaching out to the restaurants to assist in food delivery???????? (let me and the rest of the normal population guess…NO, you prefer to complain and not be a...Read More

Response to Gas Prices

The answer to your question and in my opinion-its greed and price gouging,It is not just on gas-milk is higher,building supplies higher-we pay more taxes here on gas,food,etc in these three counties and we have the worst...Read More

Gas prices

Can somebody please explain to me why we are still paying over $2.00 dollars a gallon for gas? The rest of the state has gone down to around $1.75. That is a huge difference. The excuse that...Read More

Whats worst/Virus or people?

Rough topic to open on! But look around folks, go into food stores here in our town! See what is going on, and tell me we lost our sights on human concern for others! Saw a person...Read More

Replying to the “restaurant donating” post

To whomever wrote the ignorant comment about the restaurants donating meals for school age children – please punch yourself in the face. There is no telling how much money this is costing those businesses, who are most...Read More

Extremly Contagious

Just thought I would share this.A doctor was on TV this morning 3/17/2020. Talking about how contagious this virus is. He said at the hospital he works at 9 medical professionals,tested positive....Read More

Outpour from community is fantastic!

Hearing and seeing folks and restaurant and schools go beyond to reach students that need meals is great. Seeing other institute to step up and help seniors get food , from food on wheels, and senior rec...Read More

Restaurants donating meals

I think it’s really nice that local restaurants are offering free meals to school age kids. But the limits some are placing on the meals, or that the child has to come in to get the meal,...Read More

Census 2020

I received a Census 2020 questionnaire Saturday 3-14-20 and today Monday the 16th I received another Census 2020 in the mail.In my opinion, our government is stupid and wasteful-the only thing is we can’t fix stupid till...Read More

COVID-19 – comment

As I look at facebook today, my heart runs over with emotions of how everyone is donating food for kids who wont have food durning these two weeks of no school. when it crossed my mind how...Read More


With all the schools closed for the next two weeks, what do us single parents do with our kids that are working? Some of us work just for the Bill’s and can’t afford a babysitter. I have two...Read More

Its time for every one work together

Ok folks, time to pull together all of us, families, neighborhoods , stores, restaurant and our own city, workers. We are seeing the situation starting to esca lay outward and touching every one. The last order has...Read More

Toilet paper!

I agree with toilet paper out! I don’t believe the CDC has said toilet paper cures the virus! I am not sure its official yet! But have seen folks running toward the bathrooms to see if there...Read More



Toilet paper

Can anyone at all explain why there is no toilet paper? Is this a joke? Does the coronavirus give you the poops I’m guessing?...Read More

Wipes for Shopping Carts

I am not sure what store you are talking about ,but it seems all those who have carts I believe have wipes available and are posted next to the carts. But also I noticed the abuse and...Read More

get your head out of the sand

As we all try our best to follow the proper preventive action on the outbreak of the virus, at home , our self, and every where we go into the public. We try not panic but as...Read More

Chris Myers

I don’t even like Chris Myers or anything he stands for but how is it fair for a man to lose his life’s work because a female says he says something inappropriate to her? I am a...Read More

Young RUDE woman

On 3-2-2020 about 3:30 at intersection next to CVS. I was behind a young woman and her passenger, she was in a newer light blue Subaru. I had my 15 yr old son and 16 yr old...Read More


You don’t have to give him your hard earned money and from what I understand he hasn’t ask you too but for those of us who have a heart thats our choice. My mother has always told...Read More

Arbuckle Road

How many wrecks and deaths have to take place before Arbuckle Road gets traffic lights?  Does anyone know when and if any traffic lights are going to be put up at Arbuckle as it enters the highway?...Read More

Animal Cruelty

Not good enough! Taking an obvious felony charge and reducing it to a misdemeanor in this situation is a huge mistake. The punishment does NOT justify the crime, but once again, the prosecution gets another resume building...Read More

Local Family Needs Help

The family of Dickie Geouge of Blue Rock has had 2 family members –son and then mother—pass away within days of each other.  A GoFundMe account has been created to help Dickie Geouge, a strong, proud mountain...Read More

Trash Scavenger 2

Scavenging through trash is both DANGEROUS and ILLEGAL! How is the trash scavenger doing a free service for the community when I have seen him eat from trash cans? Do you realize how dangerous it is to...Read More


The state of Pennsylvania lottery.It benefits older residents,such as low cost prescriptions,rebates with property taxes, or rent. And numerous other services.Perhaps it’s time NC offers 2 lotteries....Read More

Gun Confiscation

Websters dictionary defines tyranny as harsh,absolute and unfair rule by a king or ruler;complete control.These tyrannist are destroying our second amendment right to bear arms and the rest of our constitution.These states are trying to dictate this...Read More

Trash Scavenger

I have seen in Burnsville a man several times going through the trash cans at McDonalds , Roses and Sav-Mor and placing items he found in his own personal bag. I do not know what he is...Read More

Christmas Parade Thank You

The Kiwanis Club of Spruce Pine would like to thank all the churches, businesses, civic groups, clubs and individuals who participated in the annual Spruce Pine Christmas Parade on November 30th.  Despite the inclement weather, there was...Read More

Friday Night Lights

Got off work late on Friday the 13th, about 7:30, and though tired met my wife for a trip through the wonderland that Burnsville NC . Beautiful lights ,decorations, treats, warm drinks and lots of warm smiles...Read More

Animal Welfare

In response to the response of the directors opinion. As a shelter employee myself, our concern is for the animal and that they get a rabies vaccine whether it be from us or a veterinarian. Your statement...Read More

County Recycle

In my opinion,it does not matter which county puts trash in the bins because it would be better to have it there than on the roadsides,in our yards,in the ditches,in the streams,in the rivers,Also visitors to the...Read More

County recycling

I have heard that the recycling areas are going to start closing early due to so much garbage. Madison County,Erwin and Buncombe counties all require permits that are visible on the windshields of their vehicles. This might...Read More

Proposed Animal Ordinances

Yes, there are state laws guiding animal welfare. However, out of 100 counties in NC, we are one of 11 counties that have no local ordinances that go above and beyond the basic state guidlines. The ordinances...Read More

Animal Ordinance

I’m sure that the Yancey county sheriff’s department is thrilled to be the new dog catcher’s. Please stop this ordinance! There are already state laws that protect animals. Don’t let these people who care more about animals...Read More

Animal Ordinance

This animal ordinance is completely ridiculous. I’m sure the sheriffs department has so much extra time and resources to drive around inspecting dog houses and measuring dog lots and dog chains. Not to mention the fact that...Read More


I agree with the other posters about the beautiful telescope. I for the life of me could not figure out what it was supposed to be and then my mom told me it was supposed to be...Read More