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Why should I have to wear a mask to “protect others”? I got vaccinated. Others choose not to. It’s their choice and their problem if they have consequences. Just like it is my problem if I have...Read More


Because that is what democrats do tell big lies they cant back up miss Trump yet? #bring America back again...Read More


I’m not doing this lockdown thing again and I’m most definitely not wearing a mask. Locking people in their homes does nothing but harm people psychologically. If people are too afraid and want to stay home, let...Read More


The Democrats are in and promised to do something about healthcare. A lot of us voted for them based on that promise and now haven’t heard anything about it since the election. Why?...Read More

Very Low Yancey County Covid-19 vaccination rate

Check out https://covidactnow.org/us/north_carolina-nc/county/yancey_county/?s=21021023. Very low rate. Where are our County Commissioners, Professionals, Clergy, Medical and Emergency Responder Organizations working together to increase this 42.8% rate?...Read More

Critical Race Theory

We better wake up. Critical Race Theory is coming to our schools. It’s bad enough that millions of students are falsely taught that American history is essentially a history of oppression, Critical Race Theory teaches that all...Read More


I hate litter! Mostly because I was taught to never throw anything down outside and especially out a car window. I taught my daughter the same and she has passed it on down to my grandson. SO...Read More


Folks please stop ordering from Amazon! You are killing our local shops & the deliver drivers that no one ever thinks of. Get up and go to the store! Shop local. Burnsville, Spruce Pine, Marion, Weaverville! Our...Read More


Parents concerned over “CRT” curriculum need to go directly to the county school board to state your concerns and demands over this. Then the superintendent will go to the principals, to insure all ‘our’ teachers understand that...Read More

Dumpster Cameras

Why should they care if you took stuff. I see the attendants put things in their trucks all the time and I also see them helping their friends. It all you know....Read More


Yes, thank you for some good, good news. God’s grace has always and will always be amazing…..and freely given to all!...Read More

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost, but now am found Was blind but now I see Was Grace that taught my heart to fear And Grace, my...Read More


The rest of the story you forgot to include: From Newsweek article 7/9/21 All three for-profit colleges have been closed for years after facing accusations of fraud and deception in their advertising.Applications in the Education Department’s borrower...Read More


The Biden administration is eliminating $55 million in loan debt from 1,800 student borrowers who were lured by false claims by three now-closed, for-profit colleges. Westwood College, the Marinello Schools of Beauty and the Court Reporting Institute...Read More


If you READ my comment, I was defending you. And saying the person insulting your grammar is petty. Calm down though...Read More


im insuliting wow. the truth must be told ok im nither party ok but no war on words u have your mind made up.iv herd an seen enough . u all have a wonderful life .god bless...Read More

Master Carpenter

Anyone talking about your grammar probably can’t build a tomato stake, all they can do is insult people. One of the best carpenters I know can’t read or write. That doesn’t make a person smart… insulting people...Read More

more good news

jobs jobs ,im not going to belive the big lie ov glom an dome .also i lived here in our home with a person .had corona he tested positive ,corntined 10 days checked -, i was here...Read More

Re Unvaccinated People

Good thing it’s my choice to take the risk on getting whatever variant they come up with next. That’s the beauty of living in America, freedom of choice. If you’re vaccinated and protected, why do you care...Read More

Re. What about Biden

May not have good grammar but they get their point across. I doubt hear anyone screaming now about his wonderful Biden is and all the wonderful things he promised. Always been told never put your faith in...Read More

Unvaccinated People

With the new Delta Variant of Covid-19 the question is not IF unvaccinated people will contract the virus. It is a question of WHEN? PLEASE get vaccinated people or WEAR A MASK WHEREVER YOU GO!...Read More


im glad all these folks dont care for us locals .call u hicks an back wods .had two wemen at ingles try get my dog out my truck i just went in few minites get a few...Read More

what about biden

I have to say that your grammar is spot on i cant tell you and Biden apart cant get the words out correctly #Trump 2024...Read More


Just want to say not everyone is totally clueless as to what a hero is!! You and all the other veterans are the ONLY reason we are blessed to still have a small amount of freedom-at least...Read More


My husband is a 3 Iraq Combat Tour Veteran Marine. You are a disgrace to call anyone but real heroes, heroes. Shameful Pushing a vaccine that is an experimental, not approved vaccine is quite ignorant. All I...Read More

what about biden

gas went down last year.because corna viraise.lumber was high last year .how about price grocerys doubled last five years not this year.price a vehicle tripled last 10 years .not presadent its called greed .has your taxes rose...Read More

Covid Vaccine

I’m confused. To be an American Hero you have to vaccinate people? WOW! Sucks to be a veteran these days....Read More

Covid Vaccine

Wanna say a big THANK YOU ! to all who participated in the Drive-Thru Vaccine deal back on 3/19/21. The whole thing was impressive & an example of all that is good in America. Volunteers, Nurses, EMS…..I...Read More

Dear Biden Voters

How’s that extra $1.00 per gallon of gas working out for you? Tried to buy a piece of lumber lately? What was that about no tax on the middle class? Rural people are the ones who have...Read More

The Truth About The Vaccine

Tired of being locked down? Can’t breath thru that mask? Kids can’t get into school or college without the vaccine? A change is gonna come. BIG CHANGE. Look up “Nuremberg Codes”. Thousands of doctors and hundreds of...Read More

Truth or Theory?

How many times have we heard the word “theory”? It seems to be a word often used to apply to a storyline, or an attempt to cause the listener to believe what is being said is actually...Read More


Yes you are right. People are not shopping in stores half as much. They get things cheaper on line. Not thinking of the actual consequences of later. Spread the word to shop local!!!...Read More

Children’s TV

I fully agree with you! It’s unbelievably horrible the lengths that tv has went to showing & pushing gay & Lesbian things on kids TV!! It’s such a sad time....Read More

Children Tv Shows

– I have noticed an alarming rate of LGBTQ+ propaganda in children’s tv shows and tv networks targeting children. – Please do not let your children watch the LGBTQ+ garbage. Remember in Matthew 18:6 we are told...Read More

COVID Worries

I have 3 children worried covid will hit elementary school in no time…. Parents let’s protect our children!! I have a 2 6 and 8 yr old take precautions to protect our children and all those in...Read More

Yes, out state visitors are around now

I agree to the post of summer rentals need to shut down and visitors from out state are starting to show up! And for some reason they feel our county yancey along with NC counties, are fairing...Read More


I agree with the other posters about the beautiful telescope. I for the life of me could not figure out what it was supposed to be and then my mom told me it was supposed to be...Read More

New school

Can someone tell me why the yard at the new school has not been mowed? It looks like a good stand of grass so I really don’t see how mowing could hurt it. It’s over ankle high....Read More

Speed Signs 2

That’s right I never seen a speed limit sign keep people from speeding, and I’ve yet seen one give out a ticket. I’m not the fool that is speeding on Double Island road, I just don’t like...Read More


well i just drooped my son off at school at mountain heritage. To my surprise to see road an parking lot at kids drop of still not fixed pot holes least the state could do is patch...Read More

Double Island Road

The 35 mph speed limit signs were erected because too many people speed on this twisting, curvy road. How often have you been endangered by another driver speeding and driving over the double yellow line?...Read More

Speed Signs

Who’s idea was it to put 35 mph signs on Double Island Rd. All you have done is gobbed up the road with ugly metal. Who ever did this and messed up our scenery is probley the...Read More


talking about the art on west burnsville .sorry but it looks like something u would see at a gas station!...Read More