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Educator Extraordinaire

https://www.studyfinds.org/virtual-learning-mental-health-cdc/ You shouldn’t be a parrot for CNN That logic is …. We need God back in society. Satan is in control of so many peoples minds… it’s so sad!...Read More


Ihope this helps some people that are confused or brainwashed… please just look into things beyond what the media tells you! They only show you what the elite want you to see!! Pure Evil… do the research....Read More

RE: School Lunches

The lunch menus are made by the Child Nutrition Director at the Central Office. The cafeteria staff are not allowed to make changes to these menus without permission from the CN Director. Maybe a call to the...Read More

Yancey Co Schools- Reply

You are absolutely right. The current culture we live in has parents teaching their kids all they have to do is show up. Just show up and you will receive the same rewards as the kids that...Read More

Do Not Let The Heathen Rule Over You!

I have begun to get ‘amused’ at political personalities or educational school personalities or health personalities start getting offended, and start talking about their ‘safety’ after they have set requirements & created circumstances for others that they...Read More

Educator (reply)

– I would strongly advise you to “open your mind” and “start broadening your horizons”. Because you are clearly lost and confused in this rapidly changing world. I understand that it frustrates you. Because you believe that...Read More

School lunches

Last week my kid ate school lunch and said what they were offered was a scoop of Mac and cheese a biscuit and a scoop of green beans THAT’S IT!! No wonder all these young kids are...Read More

Yancey Co Schools- Reply

Yancey Co Schools October 21, 2021 Opinions Parents of EYMS students: Why is it that for the last couple of years CRMS has been able to have a homecoming and EYMS has not? Shouldn’t it be the...Read More


Polls .capitol . riots. Grocery’s went up long before Biden.doubled last four year’s not last year’s amazing how people pull for there team . where all in this together .Americans, Christians...Read More

School Protest Educator

Well, well, well…I don’t know what I would have done without the education session! I know it was a no show protest, but thanks for assuming I wasn’t aware! I’m also from here, I would encourage you...Read More

What are our teachers teaching?

I would encourage anyone in Yancey or Mitchell Counties with children, grandchildren, ANY children YOU LOVE in the local middle or high schools to ask questions of the kids about what and how they’re being taught. I...Read More

Reply to School Protest

The “18th protest” turned out great! It was a protest for parents , students and teachers NOT to attend school. There was no scheduled protest to be at the board. Also you should know that I am...Read More

yancey co schools

Parents of EYMS students: Why is it that for the last couple of years CRMS has been able to have a homecoming and EYMS has not? Shouldn’t it be the same across the county? The principal at...Read More


How about that 37% approval rating? I bet it’s really even lower than that. Let’s Go Brandon!...Read More



Wooly worm festival

I was just reading your article about the wooly worm festival and couldn’t help but laugh when I saw the name of the winning wooly worm. Let’s go brandon….. for those of you who don’t know, Google...Read More

Absolutely and hmmmm?

Amen to the people talking about Amazon and transplants. Amazon is basically a funnel from China. Buy American-made and local as much as you are able. Transplants: don’t bring the “mess” from where you came from here...Read More

School Protest

How’d that turn out yesterday the 18th??? ??? The liberals may some day learn where they are! If you want to cry about something, I urge you to go to the park in downtown Asheville and watch...Read More

Let’s Go Brandon

Hope y’all are prepared, food is going to go THROUGH THE ROOF SOON. What’s in the stores now are mostly the old price, prices have gone up a little bit. But when those ships stuck get unloaded….wooooooiey...Read More


May I have my opinion now? I order off the internet not only from Amazon but from Belks, Womens World, Sams, Walmart, and other places where I can order what I need at a good cost. If...Read More


To whomever placed the opinion on supporting Amazon, I fully agree with you! People have no idea what so ever who they are giving all there money to! Amazon has taken over and is ruining the United...Read More


Aman to a dip an a bump an a hole at Micaville. Part at glean raven it wasn’t packed good an sunk have a wonderful life u all. line up men love the business....Read More

Msg 4 transplants, leave politics behind

If you have relocated to our beloved NC mountains from NY, CA, OR or like state, please leave your politics behind. We do not want our state to be like those crime ridden, lock-down states. If you...Read More


We have an election coming up. Be sure you know what you are voting for. Do these people have Christian values or are they Satan worshipers? Satan worshippers have moved into our area and were on display...Read More

Movie Question

The show being filmed in Marshall is “The Peripheral” by Amazon. It’s a Series based on the movie of the same title. it’s a terrible movie....Read More


I want to ask if ,whoever paved the roads over the alta pass rail roads in Spruce Pine would come to Burnsville & fix & pave the roads from East Yancey to Ingles? The guys who fixed...Read More

Covid Porch Light Vigil

Remember…. – Every Friday Night In October… – Turn Your Porch Light On All Night… – In Memory Of The Victims Of Covid.  ...Read More

Community/Opinion page

Thank you WTOE/WKYK, nice to have this platform to share and it’s good to see many are still capable of critical thinking not buying the lies and disinformation from our corrupt govt and their media parrots. Good...Read More


Things are bad and it gets worse.When the Antichrist is brought in and you think things are getting better and gives you all kinds of benefits-it’s going to require your soul.They take the jobs with threats and...Read More

Movie Question?

Does anyone know the name of the movie that is currently being filmed at the old “M & H Chevrolet” dealership? Also does anyone know what genre the movie is?...Read More

it is ok

it is ok not to listen to gossip news 90%. money making. if u ran a business.wolud u run it for money or truth . why u think some commentators make 21 million a year not by...Read More

Alternatives to Google

If you’re tired of censorship, data collection, and surveillance, try Swisscows.com or Startpage.com. Swisscows offers Telegram, a free and private, encrypted messaging. Both also offer paid email subscriptions. DuckDuckGo purportedly offers privacy, but yields the same suppressed...Read More


The most racist President funded HBCUs…. The most unifying, non racist “president” just defunded them…. I’m shocked…WAKE UP!!!...Read More


One problem I see, unless I’m missing something…Why are there no Republican candidates for the Mayor or Town Council positions?? Want change though… but no one runs for the GOP??? Are there any Republicans running for Nov...Read More

TeleGuard, not Telegram

For private, encrypted messaging, please go to swisscows.com and download their app TeleGuard. I would encourage you to support companies other than Google, Apple, Yahoo, etc. They are abusing the privilege of having our business by collecting and selling...Read More

Thank you!

Thank you for giving the community a place where we can engage in civil discourse and share ideas and concerns. It is refreshing to know there is still a platform for our voices....Read More


Actually, you’re incorrect. They are not saying if you get covid you’re more likely to die from heart disease, diabetes, etc. they’re saying if you have heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc, you have an increased chance of...Read More


The plan of the evil that has infiltrated America is called A Color Revolution. If you want to know what this is about, go to https://odysee.com/@JillianReeseArt:8/10.06.21-Devolution-Part-12!—Part-2:3...Read More

Jury Duty

I’ve never understood the process of choosing jurors. There are all these people who sit at home…doing NOTHING while I work to cover the check they receive every week/month. Still when it’s court time I have to...Read More

IRS and Your Bank Account

While they hide their money overseas, they invade our privacy.   Prof. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, quoting a friend on Biden wanting the IRS to snoop on every bank account with over $600: “Remember: They’ll spend trillions on...Read More

Wake Up

If you can’t see, you never will!! The truth will come out! 2 Timothy Chapter 3 1This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. 2For men shall be lovers of their own selves,...Read More

Lack of Cov19 treatments

I am seeing many good, concerning comments here! So glad we share! It has happened that our well known, proven medications to fight this CCP ‘Co19’ are not given to us, or the government ‘at hand’ will...Read More


Your description of a fascist is a perfect example of a (1) term apple, (2) times a bad (im) peach with a Pinocchio following behind with orange hair!...Read More

Phizer Deception

For all of you who think the PEOPLE are making this whole thing political… think again. The people are just wanting transparency and to give people the chance to have informed consent. Again, this absolutely is a...Read More


They are not saying you cant die from other health issues. They are saying if you get Covid-19 you are more likely to die from it with things such as heart disease or other health issues. Covid-19...Read More

From Washington to your hometown

This is unheard of. Our government is now threatening to use the FBI to silence parents who disagree with schools teaching the critical race theory, which is in short that all white people are oppressors. This is...Read More

Biden Fascist “Ruler”????

So maybe the readers in this opinion page don’t get to see anything but one side, but y’all won’t allow them to see real news on here… https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/by-his-own-definition-biden-is-already-governing-like-a-dictator/ar-BB1dbb8C If he was elected with more votes than any...Read More

5th Anniversary of TR!CK & TREATZ

This year we are celebrating the 5th year of TR!CK & TREATZ. For the first time ever we will be celebrating for 2 days by giving out FREE toys and candy. We practice Covid safety! So bring...Read More


Before you continue your Amazon shopping just remember who and what you are supporting. Yesterday Amazon rejected an ad for Mike Gonzalez’s book “BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution”. If you have studied anything about...Read More


fas·​cism | \ ˈfa-ˌshi-zəm also ˈfa-ˌsi- \ Definition of fascism 1often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands...Read More

Arizona the TRUTH

https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/09/25/arizona-senate-draft-report-on-the-maricopa-county-election-audit-highlights-49000-questionable-votes-asks-ag-to-investigate/ Full Audit Report you can read!! https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/azfamily.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/e/19/e1967608-1d99-11ec-9f0f-c394f7c3dc5f/614e7177ca92c.pdf.pdf https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/66npXVVdY8Ie Yes, something is sketchy! If you can’t see that ……...Read More

America is NOT a Democracy

Just stop it!! What Is a Constitutional Republic? A constitutional republic is a type of government in which the officials are elected by the people. The republic must govern according to the laws of the constitution, and...Read More

What will it take?

https://youtu.be/On5RYFbcxWY Pfizer scientists unknowingly admit on camera that natural immunity is superior to covid vaccine. When will the “intelligent” people start to use their brain and put this all together? I’m not super smart and I can...Read More


Are they still counting Biden votes in Arizona? There are people lying about the election being stolen and repeating these lies.. They have over and over proven there is no evidence of fraud. People who thinks having...Read More

Firing Nurses

National Guard doesn’t have to be vaccinated till June. So fire unvaccinated nurses who worked through whole plandemic and replace them with non medically trained unvaccinated National Guard. They have like basic EMT training or something stupid....Read More


You ask why people won’t work and want government hand-outs? This is a socialist society now. Everyone is getting handouts. Did you know that every single Afghan refugee, Haitian refugee, all refugees are currently signed up to...Read More


Okay what is going on in Yancey County and the nation? If the free money has stopped and we are being vaccinated, why is everywhere advertising Now Hiring, closings early because they don’t have the employees to...Read More


why is there so much hate an division anymore .people tearing each other down Jesus looked out over 5000 an had compassion . Christian ,nation we say .are we truly that now days few for shore but...Read More


why is there so much hate an division anymore .people tearing each other down Jesus looked out over 5000 an had compassion . Christian ,nation we say .are we truly that now days few for shore but...Read More

Porch Light Vigil

Remember to leave your porch light on EVERY Friday night in October in memory of the victims of Covid. Facebook #porchlightvigil...Read More

COVID-19 and “vaccines”

COVID-19 is a lab engineered bioweapon! The Red Chinese have been working on it for several years. It’s a known fact openly discussed their work on coronavirus based bioweapons. Their defense minister made a speech in 2005...Read More

Look Out

Here’s where we are at in this country: our government wants to know every time you put more than$600 in the bank (invasion of privacy to say the least), they want your daughters to register for the...Read More


Over 200 people have signed this petition to demand that The Yancey County Board Of Education offer BOTH seated and virtual learning. Please sign and share this petition if you have not done so yet. https://www.change.org/p/kathy-amos-seated-and-a-virtual-learning-option-for-all-yancey-county-students?utm_content=cl_sharecopy_30593755_en-US%3A4&recruiter=1224759597&recruited_by_id=9b00b400-0de1-11ec-ad55-8b26e7f10037&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=psf_combo_share_initial...Read More

Explain THIS

According to the school, approximately 95 percent of students and more than 96 percent of staff are vaccinated against COVID-19 https://dailyvoice.com/new-york/ossining/schools/covid-19-harvard-business-school-moves-courses-online-after-surge-in-breakthrough-cases/817187/ So….. hmmmmmmm 95% vaccinated, very strict mask mandates but yet….. When are people going to WAKE...Read More

Real Issue

Absolutely!! Imagine if you waited 5-10 years, paid your life savings to get here for a better life. Then you see ALL these people just walk in and get government benefits, free housing, free medical… while the...Read More

Experimental vax

Thousands of health care workers willing to lose their jobs over taking the jab wonder what they know and have witnessed to risk their livelihoods ?Also 2 of the vax companies coming out with warnings of inflammation...Read More

Real Issue

While some people can’t let the mask issue go, every single day an average of over 6,000 people are illegally crossing the southern border into America. These are unvetted, unvaccinated, heaven only knows what. Yet, the people...Read More


take guns away from law abiding people. crucks still have, why u think they go to a school safety zone maybe a teacher that noes how to use a gun have one an stop this ruthless indavigales.put...Read More

What IS ok

Treason Tyranny Totalitarianism War Crimes Invasions on our soil Constitution? What Constitution Breaking the Nuremberg Code Draconian Mandates And apparently, sniffing kids...Read More


I understand what he’s saying, but aren’t we sick and tired of pale playing the same DC word game? I say vote NO from the get go, stand your ground. Swamp games, I know he probably has...Read More

Re not ok

Please take the time to go to YouTube and watch Dr.Robert Jackson’s testimony to the SC senate medical subcommittee on what he seeing happening and his treatment of Covid....Read More

Madison Cawthorne Response

Friends, I want to be clear: I DO NOT support red flag laws. Some of my best supporters have seen posts and memes saying I do – this is a lie. I did not vote for red flag laws....Read More

Not OK

Again, for the record. Covid still is way behind Heart Disease deaths annually, and it’s not even close.Yes Covid is deadly. Yes people die. Honestly, if you believe whats being told to you by Spruce Pine Hospital...Read More


an the great man dont lie ok .to miny one sided , thanks !!...Read More

Federal HHS Nurse

Yes, it’s deadly for some very vulnerable people, BUT… what aren’t they telling you or hiding from you?? https://youtu.be/obdI7tgKLtA...Read More

Not Ok

AMEN to the last comment about covid. Or check any other hospital in the USA. Even Fox your channel reports it, why don’t you believe it? Everyone knows!...Read More

Don’t Trust Twitter

Twitter is censoring the photographer who took the border pictures of the horses where he is explaining that agents were NOT whipping anyone. Do not believe Joe or Nancy or all the other liars who are trying...Read More

Not OK

If you don’t think covid is deadly, check with Spruce Pine hospital!...Read More

Selective Service

Did y’all realize that Nanshee and the Democrats snuck into the latest exorbitant bill a law REQUIRING males and FEMALES to register for Selective Service? That’s right, if you have a son and a daughter between ages...Read More

Well, that didn’t work

Funny, Mountain Heritage JV football supposed to play Mitchell at Ledger this Thursday, but have had to reschedule and will instead play Madison. Why, you ask? Oh the Mitchell team players quarantined or have covid. Guess the...Read More

Not OK

If you aren’t comfortable and scared of a virus, then YOU have the CHOICE to stay home! If you want the vaccine, then get it. If you have the vaccine, why are you still scared or uncomfortable...Read More

Re: Not Ok?

So the responder to the initial “Not Ok” post is terrified of the school kids carrying covid, but not the thousands of illegal aliens flooding the borders? You are making absolutely no sense at all....Read More


We are being forced to do something we are not COMFORTABLE with! What’s the difference? We know Yancey county is overwhelming Republican…66 percent.. thus no mask mandate. Shameful?...Read More

Cawthorne traitor

https://welovetrump.com/2021/09/25/here-are-the-135-republicans-who-just-voted-for-red-flag-gun-confiscation/ I posted the article below, I thought the previous person misread something, but I was mistaken. Looks like we have another traitor, being influenced by the swamp. SMH...Read More


https://www.oann.com/congressman-madison-cawthorn-introducing-bill-to-ban-military-from-enacting-red-flag-laws/ Announcing a Bill to Ban Red Flag Laws This week, I announced a bill to prohibit the U.S. military code from placing restrictions on servicemembers’ right to bear firearms. Democrats have no right to dictate to...Read More

Not OK

The covid/masks/border/schools etc are ALL CONNECTED! IT’S ABOUT NOT BEING FORCED TO TAKE SOMETHING YOU AREN’T COMFORTABLE WITH. While you are demanding your kids wear a mask and all other kids…. they are letting people flood the...Read More

Never Again

I will never vote or support Madison Cawthorn again Madison Cawthorn just blew his final gasket Cawthorn votes for Red Flag Gun Confiscation… – SaveMadisonCounty.org...Read More


#brokenpencilprotest Peacefully protest The Yancey County Board of Education by not attending school or any school activities on October 18 , 2021. Parents , students and all school staff refuse to attend school and all school activities...Read More


What makes you think you aren’t going to die either way? Obviously you have never held the hand of a loved one as they endure things like chemotherapy or something. There is a thing worse than death:...Read More

Covid Calender of Events

Please participate in “The Covid Calender of Events”. Please go FACEBOOK and type into the search area the following : #brokenpencilprotest #porchlightvigil...Read More

Addressing FREEDOM

Freedom vs life?? This is what I’m going to tell you about that comment. You haven’t got a clue of why people go to war! Many DO NOT end up with life, so we CAN be free!...Read More

be careful of your influence

I was reluctant to get vaccinated when the shots first became available.I waited to see if friends and family would have adverse/severe side effects before I took it.I weighed the shot against Covid and got the shots.After...Read More


Funny you mention that you haven’t heard of anyone regretting getting vaccinated. You haven’t been listening. In fact, my own sister is a nurse and had one dose of pfizer on January 16, 2021. She has not...Read More

School Protest

Search on Facebook: #brokenpencilprotest ATTENTION : Parents , students and all school staff What : Protest The Yancey County Board of Education on October 18 , 2021. How to protest : Do not attend school or any...Read More

This is OK?

NO… This is not ok. What has the border got to do with the safety of Yancey county students? We didn’t vote for Biden. Stop making this Political!...Read More

This is OK???

2:10 … this isn’t hypocrisy?? Frustrated American here!!! https://youtu.be/SPAhQmFXrYQ...Read More


Since Your superintendent is begging with robo calls to the parents for help with covid & quarantines??? What HYPOCRISY! Someone said ask a teacher about the situation. A teacher would be fired immediately if they expressed their...Read More