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No one has a perfect life

The point for many of us is not that we have a perfect life or don’t have compassion for others but that everything is not so awful for everyone either. And it’s not possible to tell who...Read More

My Perfect Life

I agree with the comment about my perfect life. This person seems totally self centered. There are a lot of people hurting from the rising prices and higher interest rates. If you are not you could at...Read More

Re: Electric

Number 1-they can make the electric car power itself but they won’t do it(GREED).Number 2-Local power company said they were going to make electricity more affordable if you believe that. Number 3-we are not going to be...Read More


If we all buy electric cars where will we get the electricity to power them? Electricity is In short supply now in many areas. Why are the car companies going full speed ahead toward this? Does anyone...Read More

Re My life is so perfect Oh my!

Who said the government was going to knock on your door and take your gas range? I wanted to know what the basis for this is. Why is there a noticeable difference in gas prices in Burnsville...Read More

Honestly Thinking

Figuring out how you think people think based on their political affiliation is either lazy thinking or a symptom of an inability to think. Maybe its what happens to angry or resentful people of any party who...Read More

School board elections

I’ve been closely following the story of how we got to partisan school board elections in Mitchell County including watching the committee meetings and General Assembly sessions about it on line, culminating in the passage of H88...Read More

Being Honest

Let’s just be honest. The easiest way these days to know how people think about things is by their political affiliation. Basically Democrats believe people can “identify” as him/her or they or cats, dogs or I guess...Read More

School Board Candidates & party affiliation

Hello! I could go to the meeting even though I’m not a voter in Mitchell County, I certainly still know people there and remember when there was previous School Board Elections. I did live in Mitchell County...Read More

I am thankful

I would like to thank the people of Yancey County and especially the sheriff’s office and deputies. You are fine people and resourceful. I have learned much about home remedies and planting by the signs, and so...Read More

Thriving in our mountains

I haven’t heard anyone blame anything happening, good or bad, in Yancey or Mitchell Counties on Putin. Everyone I know understands that problems, challenges and opportunities can and should be faced locally. …though I do sometimes hear...Read More

Life is good! Oh, my!

My Friends, have we ever been in better times? The United States in particular has more opportunity for more people than I have known in my lifetime or that of the two generations before me. If we...Read More

Strive, survive and thrive!

Look at how fast Yancey County is falling apart. There are no places available for people to live. Now several businesses have shut down. Don’t dare blame the problems Yancey County is facing on Putin. The problems...Read More

Jobs, Gas, Propane oh my!

My Friends are we in the end times? I have no political or religious motives, but the United States is swirling around the bowl of failure. First Jobs. Mike Rowe of dirty jobs announced 7 million American...Read More

Last case in old Court House -Ghost Story

This happened when a case was going on. It was a hot summer day, no breeze and everyone was listening to testimonies from a defendant when the screen fell off the Court House window. Everyone looked including...Read More

Seeing is Believing

The ufo sighting stories are great! If you have or know about any more local sighting please post. Also, does anyone have any real life ghost sightings in the area they would like to share?...Read More

Real life experience

Copying and pasting all the stuff some folks find on the internet doesn’t support specious logic applied to personal situations. All I’m saying is that based on considerable experience across a variety of employment and educational situations,...Read More

Definitions matter, indeed

You can call it anything you want, but, no, randomly approaching people you choose and asking them silly loaded questions does not a survey make, and it certainly isn’t taking any action that matters....Read More

Not right or wrong, just sayin’

Personally, I think affirmative action policies are for the most part badly written and implemented. I also know from my personal experience, including in Columbia, SC, in the organizations I have worked in, some private, some government,...Read More

Not right or wrong, just sayin’

Personally, I think affirmative action policies are for the most part badly written and implemented. I also know from my personal experience, including in Columbia, SC, in the organizations I have worked in, some private, some government,...Read More

Definitions matter, indeed

You can call it anything you want, but, no, randomly approaching people you choose and asking them silly loaded questions does not a survey make, and it certainly isn’t taking any action that matters....Read More

Real life experience

Copying and pasting all the stuff some folks find on the internet doesn’t support specious logic applied to personal situations. All I’m saying is that based on considerable experience across a variety of employment and educational situations,...Read More

Real life vs. Utopia

Hmmmmmm…. sounds like what I know due to my own personal experience… Maybe some people should think deeper… “Affirmative action regulations have been expanded over the years, and today many firms and educational institutions have affirmative action...Read More

Lie Verses Truth

some love to make a lie ; were some love a lie ,an love to make a lie. for there behalf not we the people. we all better learn its not our best interest to listen all...Read More

Definitions Matter

survey verb sur·​vey sər-ˈvā ˈsər-ˌvā surveyed; surveying 1 : to examine as to condition, situation, or value : APPRAISE b : to query (someone) in order to collect data for the analysis of some aspect of a...Read More


Right, I get it! Affirmative action policies/ law isn’t discriminatory at all. I wasn’t hired at those jobs because I’m white and they needed to hire a minority to meet their numbers, that’s definitely not the case....Read More

Seeing is believing

I knew a man that was in the military out west during the Cuban Crisis, early 1960s, he told me that he and three other people were on a hill looking toward the military base about dark...Read More

Real action vs propaganda

Surveys are not action. What you are suggesting is not a survey anyway. Walking up to anyone to ask them if they want you to do something that isn’t happening would probably make them walk away quickly...Read More

Not ok with this

As a white person myself it seems like we are simply being asked to accept that discrimination has happened and it shouldn’t, not then, not now. I’m not sorry that pretending we are discriminated against just isn’t...Read More

More personal experience

My comments are also based on personal experience as a person who applied for work, got the job and then worked in a place where affirmative action policies were in place. I am very familiar with situations...Read More

Varied personal experience

My comments are based on personal experience and make no assumptions about the experience of others in a forum like this where that is impossible to know. You are right. This is not a real conversation....Read More

Economics and other tools

Societies are made and shaped by many factors, one of which is economic policy, Intentions regarding society are only shaped by economics to the degree economics is misunderstood and over-emplowered. Implementation of any “programs” of any kind...Read More

unpaid taxes

after getting a second notice of what the county says i owe in taxes, I have been playing around on the yanceycountync.gov website this week looking for other unpaid taxes that are due. Some of them go...Read More

How about you take action

I would suggest you take action, go take a survey: Go up and ask black people if they want to be hired for a job solely based on the fact they are black. I guarantee your defending...Read More


Seems like as white people we are just supposed to accept discrimination and be ok with it. Sorry, that’s not ok....Read More

P.S. Personal Experience

My comments are also based on personal experience. As a person who applied for work, went back in person to check on my application/ interview status, only to walk in (numerous times/ places) and see a black...Read More

Re: Seeing is Believing

I was in Elizabethton, Tenn. when I was in my twenties, in a car on the highway just after dark when a large object came out of nowhere and hovered over us a couple of minutes and...Read More

Personal Experience

My comments are based on personal experience being a mother of a biracial (half black) daughter. Just because you assume my comments are from an onlooker from way outside that realm, you are wrong. But, as usual,...Read More


I don’t want to change the subject, but it all relates. Societies are made and shaped by economic policy, all of our programs for social justice are made possible by the economic forethought of the government. Economic...Read More

Defining your action, affirmative or not

While concerns about possible demeaning effects of affirmative action policies are touching if ill informed, and clumsy implementation of often badly written policy is usually problematic in some way, you can rest easy because the only individual...Read More

Seeing is believing

I used to be skeptical of “ufo’s”. But when I was about 16 years old ,I saw a “flying saucer”. I’ve not told very many folks about it because they would probably say I made it up....Read More

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action is demeaning, racist, and extremely offensive on many levels. The main level: Imagine being a minority and hired solely based on your skin color. That has to be very demoralizing, demeaning, and a horrible experience....Read More


Good Lord, aliens… FACE PALM “Knowing that Earth life is alone in the universe, then we must conclude that the reports of “aliens” and spacecraft are either hoaxes, mistakes or demonic appearances. The demon world is capable...Read More

What kind of action? What kind of victim?

I lived and worked in Columbia, SC, as well as various parts of Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona and Texas. I witnessed and was part of extremely bad implementation of affirmative action policies in hiring and firing many, many...Read More

Alien objects in Skies (America)

Lots of strange objects in sky lately. Destroying them ensures the people never find out the truth. It could very well be alien invasion underway. They’re making initial observations. The next wave of objects might not be...Read More

Education System

Education has nothing to do with making you prepared for the world we live in now. Education has everything to do with making you a useful weaponized idiot for the systems that are created and continuing to...Read More

Racist Affirmative Action

I lived in Columbia SC for 16 years and was also the victim of affirmative action policies in hiring many, many times. Especially when applying for a government job. That was 10-15 years ago. It is absolutely...Read More

As an employer…

Over time when I’ve had a job to fill I’ve occasionally run into a problem. I often have trouble finding qualified applicants with the capacity to learn the skills needed in that position. I’ve had great young...Read More

Employment And Discrimination

Just because they have hiring signs up doesn’t mean you will get hired. This happened several years ago when I was younger, I applied for a job at the State DOT. and they had an opening ,went...Read More


Another factor in the jobs situation, when you live in a country that sells you out and a whole lot of your manufacturing, while having a culture abounding of entitled and/or dependent lazy kids… here you go....Read More


The prison is hiring everyday don’t you see the signs everywhere Altec is hiring glen raven is hiring Baxters is hiring all these places have people with car payments and house payments if u want to work...Read More


I’ve noticed a lot of complaints from people saying young people don’t want to work. I’m a 32 year old single mom and I grabbed the first job in Mitchell county willing to hire me while I...Read More

Captain Obvious Abounds

Nope, never saw this coming in a million years… the left seems to think their utopian bubble is real life. It’s NOT https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nyc-police-want-shoppers-remove-230315619.html...Read More

The Coming Wars

Add to these 3 a war with Red China and North Korea will go hot, war with Iran will mean their proxy terrorist armies all over the place will go hot including here in America. Our economy,...Read More

Dollar General

Thank goodness they have finally started construction on the dollar general on south toe at lower browns creek what a blessing bringing jobs to the community...Read More

Employment and Occupancy Tax

I can’t believe the ignorance of some people who post these comments. If you think for one minute a retiree is keeping a young person from working in Yancey county you have no brain cells left. The...Read More

Why Young People Don’t Want to Work

More reality: https://time.com/3585786/young-americans-work/ https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/15/economy/labor-force-retirement-great-resignation/index.html https://time.com/6111245/young-workers-quitting/ https://thefederalist.com/2019/09/24/jobs-are-everywhere-so-why-arent-more-young-people-working/...Read More


Many older people who don’t have pensions have to work since social security isn’t enough. I do agree that a lot of teachers and others who can retire before 65 go ahead and retire, draw that retirement...Read More

Let’s Move Beyond the Ignorance

Let’s move into REALITY. Older people that work their entire lives and now get social security (their own money back, by the way, paid into the system), have to supplement that income with a job. Instead of...Read More

Re: You Guys Need Job or Hobby

You are one of the lucky ones to get out of the socialist society LOL. We did get a four lane that they did not want and saw no need for.. It is nice to hear from...Read More

Re Employment

They may not be retired but when I ask if they are retired they say YES but they draw retirement plus working at another job and drawing another paycheck when the young people do not have one...Read More

Employment Anywhere

People young and old work, retire, can’t work or don’t work for all kinds of reasons that are their own business and which vary widely...Read More

Nonpartisan School Board

I am against partisan school boards in small rural counties like ours because they will give you no idea how your neighbors see the world, only a false impression of that based on information, much of it...Read More


Older workers aren’t retiring because they can’t afford to! And last time I checked there are plenty of jobs for those that want to work. Maybe not your dream job but plenty of places hiring....Read More

Re Employment in Yancey County

I agree with you 100% but don’t forget the other two counties(Avery and Mitchell).I am retired and I agree with you and retirees should not knock younger people out of work. Why did they retire? I believe...Read More

Partisan School Board

I applaud Mitchell County for voting for a partisan school board. It immediately gives you an idea as to how people see the world. This is so important today because of false teaching such as CRT, gender...Read More

You guys need a job or a hobby.

I grew up in Burnsville, all of my family is from there. I live in North Dakota now. The only reason i see these posts is i check the obituaries back home and occasionally click on this...Read More

Employment in Yancey County

It’s just sad that in Yancey County one can’t get a decent job due to the fact the older generation doesn’t want to give it up, retire and go home. Then the ones that do retire eventually...Read More

School board elections

While I agree that politics has long been a part of education, I disagree that making school board elections partisan will change that or make anything more transparent. It will only make the politics worse and encourage...Read More

Re: School Board Elections

The bill that has been filed in Raleigh to make school board elections partisan will create unnecessary work in a short time span for Board of Elections staff. They have to verify the signatures independent candidates have...Read More


The United States has done to China what Mitchell, Avery, Yancey County has done to McDowell ,Burke, Watauga Counties. Our country has built China up just like our counties has built up another county. They sent our...Read More

Mitchell Co Commissioners

I do agree with our County Commissioners in Mitchell. If you run for an elected office, people have the right to know how you vote. It’s public on Google. There is politics in the Boards of Education...Read More

Cane River Park

Just wondering if anyone has any update on what is going on at the park ? What once was a great place to visit and walk has been torn up. I understand the park was built in...Read More

Required by law

Personally, while I find the pubic comment requirement for state and federal agencies to be entertaining in a geeky way, professionally I find it cumbersome and getting in the way of getting things done. It gets abused...Read More

??? CDC

Why would the CDC need public comment on the level of toxicity of ANY chemical… that is weird on its own… sounds nefarious as does everything that has to do with that evil entity. “A draft of...Read More

Understanding process and data

I’m no defender of the CDC’s managerial dysfunction and communication, but it would be wise to understand that they did not change “the lethal toxicity level and the affect on children the vinyl chloride has on people...Read More


I’m just confused about the sheep and the rabbits. Are they wearing masks now?...Read More

One of the many problems today

This is one of the problems today… some folks here think anyone is focused on one word of their statement and that anyone in this forum is blind to how statements repeat the unvirtuous signaling going on...Read More

Facts and logic, populations and individuals

Somebody here wasn’t stating facts, only misinterpreting, maybe unintentionally, a few studies on population data. Numerous people have stated the fact that N95 and KN95 masks are effective for individuals when worn properly. So why are there...Read More

Where sheep graze

Just because people use tactics of the propagandists by indicting the use of factually descriptive words hopefully doesn’t mean many people are going to believe them or, one can hope, care what those propagandist are saying. Or...Read More


Just because you use tactics of the propagandists like using words such as: Conspiracy Rabbit Hole Misinformation Theory Doesn’t mean people are going to believe you, ok?!!! Or care what you are saying....Read More