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RE:Re God is in control

So well said! In the end “every knee will bow and every tongue will confess.” That will happen whether we choose to or not. The choices are over at that point…Now is the time to choose wisely...Read More

Re: God is in control

First and foremost, I believe there is a sovereign God who created this universe for his pleasure, and since he created it, he is also Lord over ALL his creation. That said, the fact remains that universal,...Read More

Covid Vaccine

Can The daily covid-19 update include the number of vaccinations given each day? This would give the community a understanding on the progress being made and an idea of when an individual’s group might be eligible....Read More

Re god in control

I also believe God is in control But throughout history he gave the people what they needed and they continually complained they wanted something else.The DNC has been very clear about removing God,Gender,and the nuclear family from...Read More


It’s so good to know that all racism is gone. BLM has stopped the protests,  so apparently everything’s fine now. Racism solved just like that. Unfortunate to see the unemployment numbers will sky rocket now that all...Read More

So thankful God is still in control

There was a reason that God kept Joe Biden in politics for 47 years. There was a reason that Biden ran twice for president and was not elected. Like most pastors say, “It’s all about God’s timing...Read More

Covid 19 Vaccine

Why do covid 19 vaccine need to be given on first come basis regardless which phase it is? To reduce crowded sites why not make appointments? Health depts have a form for persons to fill out if...Read More


I have seen this posted on here twice. I don’t know if you are serious about finding truth but this is what I know. Hunter Biden had a drug problem, true. His overseas business has been investigated...Read More

RE- Capital Hill

Well I’ve waited over a week now and haven’t received an answer on my question, what happens when there are more people taking free handouts from the government than there are people paying taxes into the government....Read More

Capital Hill Rioters

Do any of you know what’s going to happen to all of the governments of the world? The Bible plainly says …. Daniel 2:44 “In the days of those kings, the God of the heavens will set...Read More


Did you vote for trump? Did you repeat his lies? If you did you were just as responsible to trying to destroy our democracy as the thugs , domestic terrorist attempting a coup. No matter what your...Read More


Let me give you some facts sir, Christians will fight and have fought if its something they believe in, just look at the Christian crusades religious wars between 1096 and 1291. Now I don’t condone what happened...Read More

Historical monuments are being removed

The Southern Poverty Law Center is committed to removing Civil War monuments across the country, particularly in the South. City & county leaders have already removed 2 Civil War monuments in Asheville, but the Vance monument is...Read More


You preach Unity then you go after the President. You are the one inciting violence....Read More


For the person who said all Democrats don’t support abortion. You may not support it but you voted for it. Check it out page 32 of the Democrat platform....Read More


I condemn all rioting in any form but it’s funny to me that all these legislators are all to pieces because it’s in their “backyard”. They thought it was freedom of expression when Portland etc was burned...Read More

Capital Hill Rioters

I keep hearing a lot of comments about the recent riots on Capital Hill. Many of these comments FALSELY accuse CHRISTIAN , WHITE , MALES for orchestrating these riots.Allow me to educate you all with some facts…....Read More


To blame one man for what occurred in Washington DC is absolutely dumb. O I agree Trump likes to stir the pot no doubt but my opinion is the the American people are sick and tired of...Read More


Well can anyone see what’s happing to our country.devil showed him self ok .now who started this .they won’t own it now .sorry Truth will stand.i rest my case .!!!!!...Read More


Will one Democrat please explain to me why what Hunter Biden has done is ok? Also please explain how as a Christian you can vote for abortion. I am serious and am trying to understand. Thank you....Read More

Covid-19 vaccine

So according to the Yancey Times “toe river health district has received the vaccine and began by vaccinating the 1a group, which is EMS and front line workers”. So why is the mayor of Burnsville pictured getting...Read More

Re responsibility

Yeah other countries are laughing all the way to the bank they have control of our politicians again with good ol joe.He will take their money and give them our jobs at least he is right about...Read More


Amen to responsibility!Don’t put the thugs in jail until trump is out of office. He will pardon them. You that were rejection Biden’s legitimacy all a scam or is it fake news? Someone explain how the Democrats...Read More


We all have seen the assault on the capital. It wasn’t the people storming the building that upset me most, it was the lawmakers that fanned the flames of these people’s anger. They allowed these conspiracy theories...Read More


Well iv never seen people so out of hand u. when we see grow men an wemen fight like school kids ,we have an election that is over been over. State’s have certified there votes ok .seven...Read More

Re: Explain

Not all Democrats are pro-abortion and not all Replicans are against it. When the landmark abortion case was decided by the Supreme Court, Republicans held the majority, 6-3. Five of them voted in favor of abortion....Read More

Explain Please

Will one Democrat please explain to me why what Hunter Biden has done is ok? Also please explain how as a Christian you can vote for abortion. I am serious and am trying to understand. Thank you....Read More

Poli – Ticks!

All I can see and hear is each political parties bad mouthing each other. Both political parties need to realize that they are hurting themselves and the parties they represent each time they insult someone. Both political...Read More


That’s right we can all sit back and watch all of our jobs get cleaned out and sent back to China. We can sit back and watch our paychecks get cleaned out with higher taxes. That would...Read More

Voter Fraud

Well finally voter fraud has been uncovered in Georgia. Oops it’s Donald Trump trying to pressure Georgia’s Republican secretary of state to “find” enough votes to overturn Joe Biden’s win in the state’s presidential election. The hour...Read More


Ok a virus is a virus you are being played by the government,yes a lot of people have died by covid and a lot of people have died by the flu. So again a virus is a...Read More


Yes your right life for those who don’t mind not having a job or not able to keep their own business open hide in their house with a mask on(because this has worked so good for all...Read More


Relax Republicans your life is about to get a lot easier on January 20th. You won’t have to try to defend all those crazy conspiracy theories, all those lies your president is spreading, all the idiotic twitter...Read More


Republicans read your own party’s platform , where does it say they are against abortion? After 22 weeks, what about before 22 weeks? I am not for an abortion but tired of Republicans acting like they are...Read More


All lives are important! The babies, young children, young adults & especially the elders, they didn’t ask to die either....Read More


Talking about covid and all the deaths the presdient was supposed to have stopped lets talk about all the babies that are going to die with biden coming in these babies didnt ask to be born in...Read More

Re: Trumo

To all of the Trump worshipers a question? I can understand him pardoning all his corrupt and convicted felons who are his family and friends, that just the man he is ,but please tell me how you...Read More


Well I guess you are right, thousands of people did die from covid on his watch. I don’t know but he probably could have taken action sooner, but as I remember he was fighting for his life...Read More


I also would like to say thank you to Yancy County DOT. Your job was great and it was noticed and appreciated....Read More


I would like to congratulation the DOT on a fine job on Christmas Eve. there was a inch & a half of ice on the roads & snow on top of that & 7 degree temperature &...Read More

Your Great President

Your great president… It’s no worse than a cold, don’t be afraid of it, it will go away by Easter, it will, it will… Tell that to the three hundred thousand that are no longer with us....Read More


If you think you can do any better, get you a plow truck & do it yourself, the roads were ice, cars were left on the side of the road & in the ditches....Read More

Noise at Glen raven

This opinion is from the people that live around the Glen Raven Mill neighborhood, I have talked to a lot of my neighbors that live around Glen Raven they all say that the noise coming from the...Read More

Re: President

If you think your great President really wanted to help the Americans who are about to be evicted from their homes , are standing in food lines, their unemployment benefits run out then ask yourself where was...Read More

Please save our historic monuments

Our historical monuments are a tangible testament to America’s history. If these monuments cause us to pause and reflect on the past, cry, feel proud, or feel grateful, the they have served their purpose. Asheville City Council...Read More