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MHHS Principal

Please do not include the entire community when you say “the community stands behind Kevin Huskins”. I am a part of this community and I would love to see a change in principal’s at MHHS. Yes, I...Read More

Board Meeting

I see the Yancey School Board has set a special meeting to I think get rid of Principal Huskins. Who is behind this? Mr Huskins is loved by students and faculty. If you support our principal we...Read More

Principal of the Year

For Principal of the Year to according to rumor a lose job over one event? This makes no sense. From what Mr Huskins posted on Facebook he acted with the best of intentions. What is really going...Read More


For the record this years homecoming was not about pushing agendas, it wasn’t about politics, it wasn’t about religious beliefs. It was different. It was about getting a little bit of normal in a not so normal...Read More

Why is Yancey being kept in the dark?

Don’t the residents of Yancey County deserve transparency and honesty from our health department about COVID? The last report on COVID statistics in our county was through February 15, two months ago. You have to dig through...Read More

Practice what you preach

So one minute it’s don’t judge people show kindness to people blah blah then it’s get a IQ test print it on a t shirt…Contradictory BUT I am sure you have an argument for that somehow....Read More

RE: Intersex Statistic

What a foolish statement, “I never met an intersex individual have you?” So are intersex individuals supposed to introduce themselves as such or hey maybe they should be required to wear a shirt indicating “intersexual”. And as...Read More

Intersex statistic

I never met an intersex individual have you? How accurate is that statistic? I am guessing you read it somewhere taking someones word for it. Lets pick and choose what bible verse backs up whatever agenda were...Read More

Nothing Wrong with Changes, not at ONCE

Nothing wrong in implementing changes, we are humans of HABIT, and to push a change right away, upsets the comfort habit every one is prone to. The homecoming is one example, we as a township, every one...Read More

Re : Homecoming

GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES! The devil does! When the devil and his angels were tossed out of heaven where do u think they landed? Stop blaming God for the devils doings. Eve took a bite of...Read More

Re: Homecoming Rants

“GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES” commenter- I am glad we agree on that. Therefore, since God does not make mistakes, and on average, more than one baby in a thousand is born physically intersex, God created intersex...Read More

Cane River Fishing???

Does anyone know if the Cane River area is safe for fishing yet? Last season the Cane River water was ruined due to the water treatment plant being damaged. Thanks in advance!...Read More


I don’t think anyone was saying anything about the participants in the Heritage Homecoming. We just think Homecoming should be Homecoming and Hometown Heroes a separate event and any kind of pushing of a non-gender agenda left...Read More


I understand what the high school was attempting to do in honoring Hometown Heroes. I think they had the best of intentions. However, the last year has been nothing but change. School has changed. Work has changed....Read More

Re: Homecoming Rant

GOD DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES I feel sorry for you. You can go to Asheville and be happier I’m sure, stepping over needles and human excrement....Read More

MHHS Homecoming

What a shame to see so many discouraging comments regarding Homecoming at MHHS and the fact that WKYK/WTOE allowed these to be posted on their website. I do not know who was voted as the Homecoming –...Read More

Homecoming Rants

With all the real problems facing our community and country, I am amazed at the amount of hysteria over the change in homecoming this year – and the amount of sheer willful ignorance and fear. To the...Read More


I assume the principal at Mtn Heritage approved this. Mr principal please explain your justification for this....Read More


You can call it “woke” , “progressive” or “cancel culture”. You can call yourself anything you want. But I call it GARBAGE! Oh… so sad someone might get their feelings hurt and offended. Big deal. Life is...Read More


Whoever was responsible for the homecoming fiasco should be ashamed of themselves. They may not know what gender they are but the rest of us do. God made male and female period....Read More

Homecoming at Heritage

Homecoming was ridiculous at Mountain Heritage. Quit trying to push stupid liberal ideas on our kids! Shame on you Mountain Heritage...Read More


How stupid do they think we are? Did they think that by doing a community thing supporting Covid workers and all that we wouldn’t notice there wasn’t a king and queen? Stupid....Read More

No Homecoming King or Queen

At the Mtn Heritage Homecoming Monday night the “woke” culture was alive and well. There was no Homecoming King or Queen this year instead there were “Ambassadors for Good”. I’m not saying those people recognized didn’t deserve...Read More


Why isn’t Yancey County still updating the total of Covid-19 positives and deaths here in the county? Has the Covid-19 pandemic come to an end in Yancey County with no new cases to report? In the past...Read More

Didn’t Come From the Lab

A WHO-China study says that the origin of Covid passed from a bat to another animal then humans, not likely from the lab. If you believe that I have a very nice piece of land in Florida...Read More

Micaville Elementary

I agree , something needs to be done with the traffic from the school. But like most things , those in “power” in Yancey County will do nothing until someone gets killed…. and probably not even then!...Read More

Micaville Elementary

Something needs to be done about the traffic backed up in the road at Micaville Elementary. When parents pick up and drop off it gets backed up onto Hey 80 South and comes to a standstill. Can...Read More

Strange things in the night sky

Can anyone explain the helicopter hovering over our area around 11:15pm at night. I have seen it on 2 different occasions in the past few weeks. It doesn’t seem to be in the flight pattern taken by...Read More

COVID Worries

I have 3 children worried covid will hit elementary school in no time…. Parents let’s protect our children!! I have a 2 6 and 8 yr old take precautions to protect our children and all those in...Read More

Response To Stimulus Money

I am not(TRUMP)Republican or Democrat SupporterThey are all in this together.All of us will be paying this back for decades.The prices of everything will go up.My opinion is,We Get HUSH Money and they got a Raise....Read More

Stimulus Money

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday that some stimulus payments will start going out next week, starting with people who have filed tax returns for 2018 or 2019 and authorized direct deposit. I wonder if the non-Trump...Read More

Figure IT OUT

It is not about Coronovirus-haven’t you figured it out that this is a New World Order takeover.Now they are passing more laws that prohibit us being together to have our worship Easter services,to shop,stand 6 foot apart.This...Read More

SEARCH Letter to the Editor/Media

We live in a remarkable place – caring people, beautiful surroundings, hard-working folks.  The COVID-19 virus is the latest challenge to the economy and our well-being.  While responses to the virus are too numerous to list, I’d...Read More


I bet my bottom dollar as the saying goes. Parents across Yancey co. Have a new appreciations for our teachers. I would like to Thank You each and every one for educating our children. Thank you again...Read More

Yes, out state visitors are around now

I agree to the post of summer rentals need to shut down and visitors from out state are starting to show up! And for some reason they feel our county yancey along with NC counties, are fairing...Read More

French Broad Disconnect

Several days ago FBEMC issued a Covid statement on their website. Buried halfway down was this statement, “At this time non-payment disconnections have not been suspended. However, we recognize COVID-19 will cause a financial hardship on some...Read More

Don’t go on vacation

I have been hearing that folks are still planning on going on their “Spring Break” vacations this year. I am sure they have had reservations for a while, and I understand that they “need a vacation”. But,...Read More

Summer Residents and Visitors

I feel like this is a concern that needs to be addressed by our county leaders. I was at Ingles this morning and by the looks of things there has been an influx of summer residents and...Read More

there is a small amount of calmness

Well we are thru the first week of the change of daily routine and life style, now we have to get ready for the second week coming up. Hoping families have grasp the need to slow down...Read More

Reply: Restaurants Donating Meals

You have a lot of questions, have you considered reaching out to the restaurants to assist in food delivery???????? (let me and the rest of the normal population guess…NO, you prefer to complain and not be a...Read More

Response to Gas Prices

The answer to your question and in my opinion-its greed and price gouging,It is not just on gas-milk is higher,building supplies higher-we pay more taxes here on gas,food,etc in these three counties and we have the worst...Read More

Gas prices

Can somebody please explain to me why we are still paying over $2.00 dollars a gallon for gas? The rest of the state has gone down to around $1.75. That is a huge difference. The excuse that...Read More

Whats worst/Virus or people?

Rough topic to open on! But look around folks, go into food stores here in our town! See what is going on, and tell me we lost our sights on human concern for others! Saw a person...Read More

Replying to the “restaurant donating” post

To whomever wrote the ignorant comment about the restaurants donating meals for school age children – please punch yourself in the face. There is no telling how much money this is costing those businesses, who are most...Read More

Extremly Contagious

Just thought I would share this.A doctor was on TV this morning 3/17/2020. Talking about how contagious this virus is. He said at the hospital he works at 9 medical professionals,tested positive....Read More