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Class of 2020

Thank you to everyone involved with creating the CLASS OF 2020 sign in the field at West Burnsville. I don’t have a graduate in my family this year but it made my heart so happy to see...Read More

Time for 19E to be Completed

It is time for the 19E to Spruce Pine project to be finished! It is nearly impossible to drive and dodge barrels and changing traffic lanes at night. Thankfully they are finally smoothing out the roller coaster...Read More

Response to four lane project

Here is the website and put in search box what you are looking for Claims,potholes and other reporting:www.ncdot.gov.Their phone number is there too.Hope this is helpful....Read More

Four Lane Project

As I drove to work this morning, from the East side of the county, I began to wonder why the traffic pattern has been changed putting us on grooved uneven asphalt, and no real road work is...Read More


I think it’s funny the way people get all patriotic over fireworks. Where were these people when their government was shredding the constitution by passing the patriot act. Where was the uproar when the appointed national security...Read More

Virus & Rulers

Evidently you don’t take this pandemic virus seriously. Tell that to the 5+ million people worldwide who have contracted Covid-19. Then offer your condolences to the families of the 93,863 whose loved ones in the US have...Read More

Fireworks Cancellation

Please understand that canceling of fireworks is NOT canceling 4th of July celebrations. Furthermore, the decision is not based solely on fear of the pandemic. The decision to cancel fireworks is almost entirely a revenue decision. The...Read More

Virus and Rulers

The virus that exists is the one Bill Gates put in your computer and the biggest threat to our lives are those that rule over us....Read More

Do Not Cancel July 4th

Looking all around us, other counties, states, our country, and over seas, all we see is negativism, depressing news, politicians fighting between them self, so many finger pointing, using their power in taking away peoples right to...Read More


Did anyone see where Phil & Oz said it’s ok for schools to open? After all it’s only 3 percent of the population....Read More

Enforcing Laws

So much for God being Omnipresent & Omnipotent. And so much for enforcing the laws. Of course, if you believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old why would you think Coronovirus is no big deal ?...Read More

Sheriff Banks’ Statement

I just read the article on the WKYK website where Sheriff Banks of Yancey County has released a statement about county citizens being allowed to return to having church services indoors. He is quoted as saying, “I...Read More

Church This Sunday

Thank you to our local “law enforcement” officers of our towns and counties. I guess now we all get to pick and choose what laws we do and don’t wish to obey. I’m just glad we are...Read More


I can’t believe Spruce Pine has cancelled their fireworks!! Why can’t people sit in their cars or stand in small groups with their families? Keep six feet apart and wear masks!This is just absurd. The town owes...Read More


Seeing Sheriff Street’s reminder in re the one-time extension for expired/expiring driver licenses, NC ID cards, etc., I just wanted folks who don’t realize this to know they have the option to renew licenses, ID cards, and...Read More


They want us to take a test.In my opinion,instead of building respirators they should be building Lie Detectors.The lie detector test needs to be for the ones that are implementing these things and more to come against...Read More

Attention Teachers

Teachers I would like to address one problem with the school work you all are sending home : No School work should be sent if the work requires a computer or other technological device. Because many parents...Read More


Went to Go Grocery this morning to shop and I needed to go to the restroom because I had bladder problems .Their restroom has always been open to the public,They had a sign up EMPLOYEES ONLY.In my...Read More

Covid 19 Living In The Air

It has been in the news that covid 19 can live in the air for several hours. (known as the breath cloud, similar to fog) It would be interesting to find out how long it can live...Read More

Stay At Home

Staying at home,6 ft apart,a mask or a vaccine is not going to cure Covid 19.What is going to cure it is when the people get fed up with this and the media stops hyping this up...Read More


Well, I hope all the idiots-both from Yancey county and the ones from EVERYWHERE else coming here-who don’t know what “STAY AT HOME” means are happy now that we have us a case of COVID19 here! It...Read More

Response To Stimulus Money

I am not(TRUMP)Republican or Democrat SupporterThey are all in this together.All of us will be paying this back for decades.The prices of everything will go up.My opinion is,We Get HUSH Money and they got a Raise....Read More

Stimulus Money

The Internal Revenue Service said Friday that some stimulus payments will start going out next week, starting with people who have filed tax returns for 2018 or 2019 and authorized direct deposit. I wonder if the non-Trump...Read More

Figure IT OUT

It is not about Coronovirus-haven’t you figured it out that this is a New World Order takeover.Now they are passing more laws that prohibit us being together to have our worship Easter services,to shop,stand 6 foot apart.This...Read More

SEARCH Letter to the Editor/Media

We live in a remarkable place – caring people, beautiful surroundings, hard-working folks.  The COVID-19 virus is the latest challenge to the economy and our well-being.  While responses to the virus are too numerous to list, I’d...Read More


I bet my bottom dollar as the saying goes. Parents across Yancey co. Have a new appreciations for our teachers. I would like to Thank You each and every one for educating our children. Thank you again...Read More

Yes, out state visitors are around now

I agree to the post of summer rentals need to shut down and visitors from out state are starting to show up! And for some reason they feel our county yancey along with NC counties, are fairing...Read More

French Broad Disconnect

Several days ago FBEMC issued a Covid statement on their website. Buried halfway down was this statement, “At this time non-payment disconnections have not been suspended. However, we recognize COVID-19 will cause a financial hardship on some...Read More

Don’t go on vacation

I have been hearing that folks are still planning on going on their “Spring Break” vacations this year. I am sure they have had reservations for a while, and I understand that they “need a vacation”. But,...Read More

Summer Residents and Visitors

I feel like this is a concern that needs to be addressed by our county leaders. I was at Ingles this morning and by the looks of things there has been an influx of summer residents and...Read More

there is a small amount of calmness

Well we are thru the first week of the change of daily routine and life style, now we have to get ready for the second week coming up. Hoping families have grasp the need to slow down...Read More

Reply: Restaurants Donating Meals

You have a lot of questions, have you considered reaching out to the restaurants to assist in food delivery???????? (let me and the rest of the normal population guess…NO, you prefer to complain and not be a...Read More

Response to Gas Prices

The answer to your question and in my opinion-its greed and price gouging,It is not just on gas-milk is higher,building supplies higher-we pay more taxes here on gas,food,etc in these three counties and we have the worst...Read More

Gas prices

Can somebody please explain to me why we are still paying over $2.00 dollars a gallon for gas? The rest of the state has gone down to around $1.75. That is a huge difference. The excuse that...Read More

Whats worst/Virus or people?

Rough topic to open on! But look around folks, go into food stores here in our town! See what is going on, and tell me we lost our sights on human concern for others! Saw a person...Read More

Replying to the “restaurant donating” post

To whomever wrote the ignorant comment about the restaurants donating meals for school age children – please punch yourself in the face. There is no telling how much money this is costing those businesses, who are most...Read More

Extremly Contagious

Just thought I would share this.A doctor was on TV this morning 3/17/2020. Talking about how contagious this virus is. He said at the hospital he works at 9 medical professionals,tested positive....Read More

Outpour from community is fantastic!

Hearing and seeing folks and restaurant and schools go beyond to reach students that need meals is great. Seeing other institute to step up and help seniors get food , from food on wheels, and senior rec...Read More

Restaurants donating meals

I think it’s really nice that local restaurants are offering free meals to school age kids. But the limits some are placing on the meals, or that the child has to come in to get the meal,...Read More

Census 2020

I received a Census 2020 questionnaire Saturday 3-14-20 and today Monday the 16th I received another Census 2020 in the mail.In my opinion, our government is stupid and wasteful-the only thing is we can’t fix stupid till...Read More

COVID-19 – comment

As I look at facebook today, my heart runs over with emotions of how everyone is donating food for kids who wont have food durning these two weeks of no school. when it crossed my mind how...Read More


With all the schools closed for the next two weeks, what do us single parents do with our kids that are working? Some of us work just for the Bill’s and can’t afford a babysitter. I have two...Read More

Its time for every one work together

Ok folks, time to pull together all of us, families, neighborhoods , stores, restaurant and our own city, workers. We are seeing the situation starting to esca lay outward and touching every one. The last order has...Read More

Toilet paper!

I agree with toilet paper out! I don’t believe the CDC has said toilet paper cures the virus! I am not sure its official yet! But have seen folks running toward the bathrooms to see if there...Read More



Toilet paper

Can anyone at all explain why there is no toilet paper? Is this a joke? Does the coronavirus give you the poops I’m guessing?...Read More