Carolina Water Service Acquires Mountain Air Country Club Water and Wastewater Systems in Yancey County

On March 15, 2024, Carolina Water Service of North Carolina (CWSNC) completed its acquisition of the Mountain Air Country Club water and wastewater treatment systems in Burnsville, North Carolina.

CWSNC began serving the Yancey County community in May of 2021 when the North Carolina Utilities Commission asked the company to step in as emergency operator (EO) when it determined that the original owner had fallen behind in their service obligations.

Regulators approved the company’s acquisition last fall in an order that noted “customers in the Mountain Air Development have benefited from the operational expertise and service improvements CWSNC has provided as EO of the water and wastewater systems, and customers will continue to benefit as CWSNC provides consistently safe, reliable, and compliant service as franchise owner of the utility systems.”

In 2017, North Carolina’s State Water Infrastructure Authority estimated the state was facing up to $26 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure needs over 20 years. North Carolina is not alone as the nation’s water and wastewater systems are reaching the end of their lifespan and facing a need for critical investment.

“Sadly, there are many water and wastewater systems in North Carolina and across the nation in need of significant infrastructure investments to ensure they remain reliable and compliant with important health and safety regulations,” said Don Denton, President of CWSNC. “Thankfully, our expert team is already hard at work in the Mountain Air community making essential improvements and improving operations of the systems.”

Enhancements already made in the community include the installation of advanced metering infrastructure, new water system control and data acquisition systems, new mechanical equipment, and system compliance and safety upgrades.

Mountain Air Country Club is a unique and picturesque community within the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. Featured in golf magazines and other publications, the community is home to flying enthusiasts and plane owners and boasts the highest landing strip east of the Rockies.

Customers within the Mountain Air community will receive additional information directly from the company. To learn more about CWSNC, please visit Carolina Water Service | My Utility.

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