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Cheap Transportation Needed for Doctor’s Visits

My name is Ernie Treadway and me and my wife are in dire need of a good running vehicle.  We both have really bad health problems and need a way to get back and forth to the Dr’s appointments.  My wife is really bad shape health wise she can’t walk and she has to go to Asheville to her Dr’s appointments but we don’t have a vehicle.   I have a brain aneurysm and have ...(more)

Building Outdoor Communities Program Launch

North Carolina pulls in$28 billion from outdoor recreation. The WNC: MADE X MTNS ((Made By Mountains)  Partnership has launched the Building Outdoor Communities Program that is focused on capacity building, technical assistance, training, connectivity, and education for communities seeking to advance their outdoor economy goals.  Mitchell County has been placed at the top of the list and is ...(more)

Swap Shop Items

(If you would like to submit an item for the “Swap Shop” use the form here To submit an item by phone call 828-682-3510 ext. 442) (Lost and Found Items page is here) Submitted items stay on the website for one month unless deleted by the person who submitted the item.  All submitted items are in rotation on the radio programs for one week and expire one week from the air date ...(more)

World Heart Day

September 29th is World Heart Day.  Cardiovascular disease, including heart disease and stroke, is the number one cause of death worldwide. This World Heart Day, learn what you can do to fuel your heart and power your life. Simple steps like eating healthy, cutting down on alcohol and stopping smoking can improve your heart health and your overall wellbeing. If you or someone you love is on ...(more)