NCDMV Fees Going Up

Every four years, the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NCDMV) is required by law to adjust fees for inflation. The increase is based on the Consumer Price Index percentage change over the past four years. Around 90 license and registration-related fees will have a 19.18% increase. This means beginning July 1st, one of the things that will cost you more is to get your driver’s license. The regular North Carolina driver’s license fee will increase by $1.00 per year. Currently the cost is $5.50 for each year of the license, which is issued for 5 or 8 years. Instead of $27.50 for a five-year license, that will become $32.50. And instead of $44 for an 8-year license, that now becomes $52. A learner’s permit and a provisional license will increase by $4 overall, with a duplicate license increasing by $2.75. Licenses for commercial drivers, copies of driving records, and several other license-related processes will also increase. The annual fee for regular private passenger vehicle registrations will go from $38.75 to $46.25. Registrations for commercial vehicles, motorcycles, hire vehicles, house trailers, low-speed vehicles, and electric vehicle fees will also increase. Click for complete list of increases.


Photo Credit: NCDMV Stock Photo